Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Global Conference 10,000 Delegates ... A Big Event

Mixing it with some of the world's most extraordinary real estate practitioners is quite an experience. It was amazing to be a complete unknown and to chat with real estate salespeople earning in excess of $2 million per annum and find out how they think and how they work. You can't help but pick up some excellent tips and ideas when mixing it with such high flyers and it was a wonderful experience to hear their stories, observe the latest global marketing techniques and approaches and then to do a tour of some of the highest priced properties in the world.

In other parts of the world, particularly in the USA the fee structures for the real estate industry are between 3 and 6 times to that of South Australia and it is rather depressing to hear how few innovations and how little change there has been in our industry.

Perhaps the most overwhelming feature of the new world real estate agents operating in the premium end of the market is that integrity and transparency together with complete disclosure on the part of the owners and the agents is just the most critical element to their success.

In terms of technology we have been carrying on about the fact that we believe we are international leaders and once again it was nice to see that as a general rule this is certainly correct. Notwithstanding our expertise in this area, I did pick up on a number of features of various agencies and you can be absolutely assured that Toop&Toop will have more innovation and world's best practice coming through over the next few months.

After seven intense days speaking to mostly wonderful people from all over the world it is an experience that I will definitely never forget and it is very refreshing to see just how well the industry is tracking.

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