Wednesday, April 12, 2006

AUCTIONS ... It Is All Action At The Moment

Last weekend was just amazing! We had a number of auctions that were nothing short of boom like, with buyers shouting out their bids from afar in fast and furious fashion. We are still scratching our heads as to what is going on in this market, but if the past few weeks are any indication, there has been a definite up swing and conditions are tightening for buyers.
One of the properties auctioned last weekend in Toorak Gardens sold close to 30% over the anticipated selling price at $1,805,000. The entire street was blocked off not only from the cars, but also from over 200 people including neighbours and buyers. The auction went for over 40 minutes and needless to say, it was very exciting.
From Toorak Gardens we headed to Myrtle Bank and once again this property sold for nearly 15% over the reserve, with several other agents bidding for clients. This coupled with the good old fashioned shouting out of bids in quick succession made for another exciting auction and was completely reminiscent of the boom.
So for those looking to sell be sure you consider auction ... it is a very good option. Please call us on 8362 8888 for a confidential discussion about your property and the options available.

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