Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So Goals Are Clear And The Journey Has Just Begun

Competing against your direct competitors is one thing, competing against an entire nation is quite another. While the thrill of being State winner in all major categories this year cannot be understated, to then be finalists in 3 of just 7 national categories was a great honour. The name Toop&Toop echoed through the halls of the Sofitel Wentworth Grand Ballroom and by the end of this Gala Evening there was no mistaking the fact that South Australia was mixing it with the best in the country.

To win the major category of Innovation & Communication against all other agencies in Australia is nothing short of fantastic. What it does say to us is that while South Australia may have a small population, the need to innovate and excel is greater than in the larger market around Australia. Adelaide is an unforgiving environment where our community expect a great deal and at the end of the day it is from our responding to that need that has lead to this national accolade of the best of the best.

The challenge... The challenge is now greater than ever and our motivation has never been higher to continue the push and bring an industry from the old world completely into the new millennium. All eyes are on Toop&Toop with this national accolade and we now have the power to make a real difference on an entire industry across an entire country. We must take this privilege seriously.

Our most passionate belief is that we can re-invent real estate to be more enjoyable, more cost effective, more efficient and to achieve the ultimate goal to make it actually a pleasant experience for both buyer and seller. So goals are clear and the journey has just begun.

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