Friday, May 12, 2006

Auctions running hot

To Auction or not to Auction...
That is the question we are often asked. Current success rate of auctions particularly at Toop&Toop suggests they are alive and kicking as a fantastic method of sale.
Auctions bring a time frame to the sales process that allows us to bring to the fore buyer interest. An auction program gives you defined dates to work to. It is transparent for buyers as they know exactly what other people are willing to pay. Sometimes on the day buyers can be reluctant to bid even if they’ve said they would, but, even if this occurs we now know who has expressed genuine interest and we can work with them to develop a
win/win sale for everyone concerned.
Nearly all properties are actionable so if you are motivated to sell and you want to determine buyer interest and get immediate feedback as to what price the market is prepared to pay...... to auction we go!
If you are thinking of selling then give us a call on 8362 8888 to discuss what is best for you.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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