Friday, May 19, 2006

Toop&Toop Turn 21 !

How time flies when we love what we do !
It seems only yesterday that Sylvia and I made the decision to go it on our own and make a difference to the way that real estate was done. We started in 1985 from our own home and how quickly it grew from there.
The biggest thrill that I get from this business is challenging the “old traditional “ ways and rethinking what as a client would be important to me in selling/renting my home, and then, rewriting the real estate rule books to deliver to that need.
It brought us to introducing colour advertising to the industry, utilising technology and launching websites. Introducing a buyer/seller database matching system to help buyers find their ideal home easily and sellers to sell more quickly. Developing icons for advertisings and a price indication system to reflect to buyers what price sellers wanted for their homes and at a glance what features the homes had. We added colour to the industry with our creative marketing and signboards, and the first complete listing of all available properties for sale in our weekly property magazine “The Address”. We introduced the use of 360° images on our website to allow the buyer to look around a whole room/area, and so the list keeps going.
All of this innovation has given me great satisfaction to see what a difference it has made, but innovation alone doesn’t sell/rent real estate. Our staff are still our most important part of the business and they are the ones who make it work for our clients. We handpick our staff to ensure that they embody what Toop&Toop stands for in terms of professionalism, ethics and just being great people to deal with.
We all celebrated our 21st birthday with a private party on a cold Monday night with a hot Arabian theme. Lots of fun was had with the appearance of genies, sheiks, and our very own belly dancer. (for pictures of the night have a quick flick to our centre spread of 'the address' magazine).
All of this in just 21 years….. just imagine what we have in store for you next!
If you are looking to sell or rent your home call us at Toop&Toop
to discover the difference.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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