Friday, June 30, 2006

The Prime Minister?

Last Friday when going through the daily mail there was one rather amazing surprise. There was an Australian Government letterhead which I initially didn’t take a great deal of interest in but read on to find it was a letter of congratulations in relation to our recent Australian Business Excellence Award. On reading further the penny dropped, this was actually a personal letter from the Prime Minister Hon John Howard. Now whether you vote Labor, Liberal or any other political pursuasion let me tell you from our perspective receiving a letter of congratulations from the Prime Minister of Australia, personally signed is some thrill. For our locally born and bred Real Estate business this really is a special moment in the history of our company. To have won such a prestigious Australian award and then to have it recognised in a personal letter like this by our Prime Minister is going to be a thrill hard to beat.
Whilst we have had an amazing decade winning everything from the South Australian Government Telstra Small Business Award, local Real Estate Institute awards (including Best Agency) and the national Real Estate Institute of Australia award for marketing, this most recent Australian award has really capped off quite an amazing period of national recognition for Toop&Toop.
These accolades are greatly appreciated, however it only serves to put more pressure on the whole team to remain vital and relevant into the future and not rest on the glory of all this recognition.
Thank you to all South Australians for trusting and backing Toop&Toop and for your constructive feed back when we don’t get it right to help with our on going improvement journey.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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