Thursday, July 13, 2006

The moral of the story ....

It might be cold, and it might be wet, and maybe not so pleasant out and about but it sure stands as a great test to the strength of the housing market when we see the level of activity each winter weekend. The good news for home sellers is that the buyers have not abated. They have not been avoiding blustery conditions in their endeavours to find their next home and sales are good.
Sure, there is more consideration on the part of the buyers when making their property selection but as the quarterly market statistics reinforced, Adelaide’s market is strong. We are now tracking second to Perth, as a city and anecdotally, it would appear that the lack of winter housing stocks has been the prime mover in recent weeks.
Our sales team are starting to have a day off on the weekend as they are down to one or two ‘opens’ and although it’s a lovely consequence of brisk sales, it is a bit unnerving when your livelihood depends on having listings. We always point out to home sellers in the pre-winter months that sales often occur at higher prices as a consequence of the shortage of available property through July and August. Although too early to be certain, it certainly looks that way again this year.
The moral of the story ..... if you are after a good price, winter’s good advice!
Good luck with your sale

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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