Thursday, August 24, 2006

Celebrating our achievements

Last Thursday Toop&Toop hosted its Annual Awards Night - the theme this year was Rock n Roll. It was a sensational night and fun was had by all. Everyone went to great lengths to look the part (make sure you have a look at our photos on the back cover and inside back!). We had appearances from Buddy Holly, Sandy (Sandra Dee), The Pink Ladies, The Supremes and The T-Birds just to name a few.
This night is to reflect on the outstanding performances of all our staff - recognising the efforts of our Sales Team, through to our Property Management Team and of course our back bone of the company the Admin/Advertising Teams. We are so proud of our talented team and it is a pleasure to be working with the best in the business.
List of our winners are:
Performance Excellence Award
Marie Brus, Anne Einarson, Justin Fried, Nicole Neill, Marlisa Seidel, Holly Newell, Mike Rogers, Peter Veitch, Alex McGregor-Reid, Peter Brown, Lew Toop, Charles Clemente, Len Allington, Peter Fried, Tim Thredgold, Phil Harris, Becky Neale.
Highest Value Property Sold (per office)
Coast - David Ferrari / Dijana Sladic; Tim Thredgold / Jenny Coulls.
Hills - Tom Bailey.
Golden Grove - Wayne and Lis Lands.
Central - Peter Veitch / Tom Bailey.
One Million $ Sales
Becky Neale, Peter Fried, Charles Clemente, Tim Thredgold, Jenny Coulls, Peter Veitch, Holly Newell, John Taylor, Lew Toop, Mike Rogers, Victoria McGregor-Reid, Marlisa Seidel, Kay Morris, Justin Fried, Tom Bailey, Anne Einarson, Peter Brown, Ken Bruce, Nicole Neill, Phil Harris.
Hall of Fame Million $ Club - Victoria McGregor-Reid, Alex McGregor-Reid, Tom Bailey, Ken Bruce, John Taylor, Phil Harris.
Two Million $ Sales
Peter Veitch, Peter Brown, Marie Brus, Mike Rogers.
Hall of Fame Two Million $ Club - Peter Brown, Marie Brus.
5 Million $ Sales - Peter Veitch, Tom Bailey.
Hall of Fame 5 Million $ Club - Peter Veitch,
Tom Bailey.
Top Sales Person
Hills - Anne Einarson
Golden Grove - Len Allington
Coast - Jenny Coulls
Central - Runner Up - Peter Brown,
Central - Winner - Peter Veitch
Jim Toop Rising Star Award - Alex McGregor-Reid
Premier Lister Property Management - Grant Wills
Top Management Team - Property Management - Team Gold
People’s Choice Award
Administration - Vanita Miller
Advertising - Scott Harding
Property Mangement - Grant Wills
Sales Associate - Silvana Wait
Sales - Debi Zecevich
Sales Person of the year
Fourth Runner up - Kay Morris
Third Runner up - Peter Brown
Runner Up - Len Allington
Winner - Peter Veitch

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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