Thursday, August 03, 2006

It’s time for a little Light Heartedness!

With the huge focus that has been in the media on interest rates and the corresponding rise announced this week, we may be due for something a little lighter to read ! I thought I would share with you a couple of our real estate anecdotes that have happened to our agents over the years.
That’s dedication!
A few years ago one of our agents was selling an investment property for a lovely owner that had tenants. The tenants were great people but they were young males who at their stage in life couldn’t quite see the problem with leaving dirty dishes in the sink & underwear & other clothes on the floor of their rooms ! The agent selling the property turned up to do an open and faced not the tidiest of environments ! So she rolled up their sleeves and set to doing the dishes & pushing clothes under beds and into closets. She finished the open which was on a Saturday & knowing that she was returning on the Sunday to do another open thought that she would go and buy a big bowl of oranges to leave on the now tidy counter in preparation. So off she drove returning with the oranges that she carefully setup. The next morning she returned to do the open only to find all of the oranges eaten except for one sole one sitting forlornly in the bottom of the bowl ! What service thought the tenants!
Female Folly
Locking your keys in the car can prove a challenge when working as a real estate agent. Not so long ago one of our ladies turned up to hold her open inspection to find people waiting eagerly outside well before the starting time. So as not to keep them waiting she jumped out of her car, grabbed her open inspection board and open flag , and started the open. There were lots of interested people so the open ran a little over time. She then madly collected all of her things, checked the house was securely locked and ran out to her car to ensure that she was on time for the next open. At this point she realised that in her earlier haste she had accidentally locked her keys in the car ! Not to be daunted by this she preceded to wiggle head first through her sunroof (which luckily was open). Our mental picture of her two lithely legs waving around with her head and body in the car still raises a giggle whenever we think of it!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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