Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Year That Was 2006

6 Toop&Toop records highest priced residential sale in Adelaide, their first over $5 million
13 Eddie Maguire is appointed CEO of Channel 9
16-29 Australian Open Melbourne, congratulations to the winners Amelie Mauresmo and Roger Federer
17-22 Jacobs Creek Tour Down Under sizzled with Simon Gerrans across the line in 1st Place

Fringe Festival Starts
26 Norwood Food and Wine Festival

3-19 Toop&Toop, Major Sponsors of the Adelaide Festival of Arts
6 Adelaide Clipsal 500 saw Jamie Wincup win in front of a record breaking crowd
15-26 Commonwealth Games held in Melbourne
19 Fringe Festival finished
21 Real Estate Industry Awards Australia, held in Sydney,  saw Toop&Toop take out the National Innovation Award
27 Introduction of the Work Choices Act

Toop&Toop sells their second $5 million dollar property
25 Australia hits international headlines with the mining disaster in Beaconsfield

3 First interest rate rise for the year from 7.32% to 7.57%
5 Sophie Delezio hit by a car for the 2nd time while crossing the road
7 Richard Carlton, 60 minutes reporter, collapses and dies while covering the Beaconsfield mine disaster
8 Toop&Toop 21st Birthday
9 Two of the miners trapped in Beaconsfield mines for
14 days are freed
25 Scotch College Art Exhibition (Toop&Toop sponsored)
26 Golden Gavel Finals, our Phil Harris was runner up

7 Business Excellence Awards presentation in Sydney. Toop&Toop are the 1st real estate company to win this award and in addition received a letter of congratulation from the Prime Minister
9 The World Cup commences in Germany with lots of late
nights/early morning starts. The Socceroos did us proud!
9-24 Cabaret Festival – Adelaide Festival Centre

5 Coldplay wooed Adelaide fans (we loved Yellow!)
6-8 Australia’s top trainer, Lee Woodward, held training sessions exclusive to Toop&Toop Sales staff

2 Second interest rate rise for the year from 7.57% to 7.82%
17 Toop&Toop Annual Awards night
24-26 The Boy From Oz, starring Hugh Jackman,  hits town. He is just so talented, is there anything he can’t do!

1-9 Royal Adelaide show
2 Steve Irwin’s life taken tragically at the age of 44
16-20 Phil Harris was runner up in the Australasian  Real Estate Auctioneering Championship held in NewZealand.
30 AFL Grand Final winner: West Coast

5 Public Trustee 125th year Anniversary – what a milestone

4 Savings and Loans Christmas Pageant (Santa comes to town!)
8 Third interest rate rise for the year from 7.82% to 8.07%
16 U2 Concert, 60,000 fans packed into AMMI  Stadium to watch one of the best bands in the world!
21 Pearl Jam Concert, Adelaide has never seen so much talent in one month!
24 Hills Christmas Pageant
25 Norwood Christmas Pageant
26 Glenelg Christmas Pageant

1-5 Australia won the Ashes test match against England, observed by record crowds!!
5 Robbie Williams comes to town, what an amazing performer, his concert was just awesome!
10 Annual Toy Run
10-31 The Lights of Lobethal are switched on,  lighting up the night sky

Friday, December 22, 2006

Have you Started Christmas Shopping?

I am one of those silly people who leave all of their Christmas shopping to the very last minute and then run around like an absolute mad woman in the last few days trying to decide what it is I am actually going to buy everyone.
This year will probably be no different as I am still yet to start, however, I have been putting some thought into ideas and thought that I would share them with you. Hope that they may help those ones who are more organised than I!
Giftboxed DVD sets – ie. all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies or all of the James Bond movies
- Magazine subscriptions – Ralph, FHM, Inside Sport, Wheels, etc for Men or Marie Claire, House & Garden, Gourmet Traveller, etc for Women, or Dolly for girls
- Books – there are always fantastic books that are released specially for this time of year
- Funky sunglasses
- Colourful bags & floppy hats
- Cute pyjama sets
- Golf Balls
- Outdoor inflatable swimming pools for kids
- Swish walkabout phones for the house
- Ipods
- Anything from Design Domain stores
- New tablet laptop computers
- Sarongs
- Groovy cook books
- Shot glasses or great beer glasses
- Voucher from SA Great for a weekend away
- Gift Vouchers
I am a self confessed Christmas lover, and I look forward to this period every year, as it is always stressful & fun & catching up with people & eating & drinking - all the good things ! Enjoy !!

Karen Raffen, CEO.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pricing…How do you price a home?

A new Real Estate Code has recently been released which sets out strict guidelines for advertising the price of homes for sale. This code states that not only should a price range always be available but that it is also a true indication of the vendor’s expectations at the time of the advertisement.
The Real Estate legislation in parliament has similar requirements and provides for any quoted price to be accurate, within 10%, and once again - a true indication of the vendor’s current expectations.
The background to these issues goes back for as long as I can remember and the problem has emerged over many years from the simple fact that owners of properties always have wanted a “dream” price whilst buyers always want a bargain. It is this differential between the expectation of a vendor and that of a buyer that the real estate agent has always had the job too close. It’s only when both expectations meet that a sale occurs and people get to move.
Legislative and Real Estate Codes are intervening directly in the market place and its ability to find its own level with these recent changes. It is no accident that the practitioners in the real estate industry will have difficulty in making the transition to the required “what the vendor wants is what the purchaser must be told.” What will now occur is that buyers will need to factor their own bargain buying into the reality of a vendor and the expectations that they have, rather than the real estate person taking on this responsibility.
It is true that grossly overpricing properties at the appraisal stage has helped create the divide between buyer and seller early in the transaction. It is also true that as agents, we sometimes exploit the greed of the buyer by quoting an unrealistically low price to get their attention and hook them emotionally on a property.
On balance transparency wins every time and the market will simply have to adapt. This will only occur when the industry achieves consistency in the way it expresses the price expectations of home owners.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.


© Toop Real Estate Group

Monday, December 04, 2006

Silly season has arrived….Bringing unexpected benefits

It’s now December and the silly season has started in Ernest. Corporate functions, Christmas parties and end of year catch ups are stripping time out of everybody’s day and always has an effect on our market. While many buyers push themselves to make a decision on their purchase prior to Christmas day very few new buyers enter the market in December.
The result is that while the numbers may drop off on inspections in the next 3 weeks there is a noticeable difference where buyers become focused and in some cases determined to secure their purchase prior to the conclusion of the year. This annual phenomena explains the volley of last minute contracts that occur right up to and including Christmas eve. The three weeks leading to Christmas always see’s existing housing stock and sometimes long term listings sold with both buyer and seller motivated to conclude their transactions in the current calendar year.
For those looking to sell in the coming month, this week is the perfect time to get your property listed for sale. Listing right now allows all marketing material to be created and off market selling to commence. The public launch is best done in early January 2007 when the new buyers and interstate transfers enter the market.
The silly season has another unexpected bonus. In Adelaide many transactions occur as a direct consequence from word of mouth, the next three weeks is the most intense period in the entire year where this occurs….So make the most of it and be sure to talk Real Estate at every opportunity.
So cheers for now, and we are sure to run into many of you over the next couple of weeks.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.


© Toop Real Estate Group

Numbers down… Interest Up

The numbers of open inspections are down 2.6 % compared to last year. Just 1953 open inspections compared to 2005 open inspections for the same week last year. We have currently 9400 Registered buyers actively looking for property compared to 8155 for the same week last year.
The level of house sales in the $500,000+ is exceptionally strong and the hottest part of our market at the moment. The $2 mil -$5mil price range is more discerning with sales taking between three and six months compared to 3 to 6 weeks two years ago. There are plenty of buyers circulating in all areas of Adelaide’s market.
The lack of available property, spring 2006 has held the market in a strong and robust state and has avoided the usual late spring dip in sale prices.
Auctions act as the best indicator of buyer confidence. Auctions are running at approximately 60% clearance in the inner metro area which is excellent. Not withstanding the interest rate rises our market in South Australia has remained in great shape in the final quarter of 2006. Record low unemployment and underlying confidence in South Australia are helping to maintain a strong residential market. The acute shortage of available rental properties is driving rental returns higher and will positively impact further on house prices.
Just in case you are thinking of selling in 2006, you are almost out of time to list your home. Ring immediately to get the ball rolling for a December or January sale. The festive season is at our doorstep and the time to act is now.
Happy house hunting,

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.


© Toop Real Estate Group

Crazy Time

It’s absolutely crazy around here at Toops with that scramble to sell prior to Christmas.
Every year without exception, exactly what has occurred this past 2 weeks happens. So what is that? A massive influx of new properties ‘hit the market’ as the realisation of 2006 is in its final weeks.
From a marketing perspective home sellers should be very happy with the clearance rates at auction at present. The fact that properties have been selling in a reasonable period and there are plenty of buyers circulating at inspections is a positive thing given we were concerned if the Spring market was going to hold.
As everyone is aware the market is price sensitive, but not unduly so and while it is not a boom, there is a swag of transactions happening at the moment.
For those of you who are active in the market over the next few weeks, Toop&Toop are working our fingers to the bone and burning the midnight oil to ensure that we deliver to your expectations, but it is a crazy time of the year.
Since our swag of REISA Awards we have had many of you send letters of congratulations and there have been endless wonderful comments…so from the entire team at Toop&Toop, thank you. Your positive feedback encourages us to do better again for next year.
Happy house hunting!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.


© Toop Real Estate Group

Water wise gardening tips from The Conservatory Garden Centre

The Conservatory has solutions to help your garden survive this summer and look great all year round.

• Use soil wetting agents, such as saturaid, to ensure water penetrates to root systems. Remember plants can only use water where the roots grow.

• Group plants with similar water requirements together.

• Mulch and feed garden beds and containers with pea straw and
rapid raiser.

• Water deeply and thoroughly, less often. Deep soaking is more effective and helps toughen plants in the garden.

• Check irrigation systems are performing efficiently. Switch from sprayers to drippers.

• Choose the right plants for areas in your garden.

Talk to the staff at The Conservatory who have all the right solutions to create a successful garden, located in Unley at 80 Unley Road or call 8272 9657.

Google Map

Happy gardening from all of us at Toop&Toop and
The Conservatory Garden Centre!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.


© Toop Real Estate Group