Monday, December 04, 2006

Crazy Time

It’s absolutely crazy around here at Toops with that scramble to sell prior to Christmas.
Every year without exception, exactly what has occurred this past 2 weeks happens. So what is that? A massive influx of new properties ‘hit the market’ as the realisation of 2006 is in its final weeks.
From a marketing perspective home sellers should be very happy with the clearance rates at auction at present. The fact that properties have been selling in a reasonable period and there are plenty of buyers circulating at inspections is a positive thing given we were concerned if the Spring market was going to hold.
As everyone is aware the market is price sensitive, but not unduly so and while it is not a boom, there is a swag of transactions happening at the moment.
For those of you who are active in the market over the next few weeks, Toop&Toop are working our fingers to the bone and burning the midnight oil to ensure that we deliver to your expectations, but it is a crazy time of the year.
Since our swag of REISA Awards we have had many of you send letters of congratulations and there have been endless wonderful comments…so from the entire team at Toop&Toop, thank you. Your positive feedback encourages us to do better again for next year.
Happy house hunting!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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