Monday, December 04, 2006

Silly season has arrived….Bringing unexpected benefits

It’s now December and the silly season has started in Ernest. Corporate functions, Christmas parties and end of year catch ups are stripping time out of everybody’s day and always has an effect on our market. While many buyers push themselves to make a decision on their purchase prior to Christmas day very few new buyers enter the market in December.
The result is that while the numbers may drop off on inspections in the next 3 weeks there is a noticeable difference where buyers become focused and in some cases determined to secure their purchase prior to the conclusion of the year. This annual phenomena explains the volley of last minute contracts that occur right up to and including Christmas eve. The three weeks leading to Christmas always see’s existing housing stock and sometimes long term listings sold with both buyer and seller motivated to conclude their transactions in the current calendar year.
For those looking to sell in the coming month, this week is the perfect time to get your property listed for sale. Listing right now allows all marketing material to be created and off market selling to commence. The public launch is best done in early January 2007 when the new buyers and interstate transfers enter the market.
The silly season has another unexpected bonus. In Adelaide many transactions occur as a direct consequence from word of mouth, the next three weeks is the most intense period in the entire year where this occurs….So make the most of it and be sure to talk Real Estate at every opportunity.
So cheers for now, and we are sure to run into many of you over the next couple of weeks.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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