Monday, December 04, 2006

Water wise gardening tips from The Conservatory Garden Centre

The Conservatory has solutions to help your garden survive this summer and look great all year round.

• Use soil wetting agents, such as saturaid, to ensure water penetrates to root systems. Remember plants can only use water where the roots grow.

• Group plants with similar water requirements together.

• Mulch and feed garden beds and containers with pea straw and
rapid raiser.

• Water deeply and thoroughly, less often. Deep soaking is more effective and helps toughen plants in the garden.

• Check irrigation systems are performing efficiently. Switch from sprayers to drippers.

• Choose the right plants for areas in your garden.

Talk to the staff at The Conservatory who have all the right solutions to create a successful garden, located in Unley at 80 Unley Road or call 8272 9657.

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Happy gardening from all of us at Toop&Toop and
The Conservatory Garden Centre!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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