Monday, March 26, 2007

SA ŒScoops the Pool¹ at 2007 National Real Estate Awards

Once again South Australia has proven that while we are often referred to as
the Œinferior¹ state by our eastern counterparts, we are most definitely
leading the way in national Real Estate practice.

Last Thursday evening the Real Estate Institute of Australia held the 2007
National Awards for Excellence in Sydney. With 14 awards up for grabs, we
South Australians hoped to be able to claim one or two of these prestigious
titles to bring home. To our complete shock and sheer excitement throughout
the evening we were presented with a total of seven awards! Our two tables
of representatives (out of the 42 in the room), managed to make South
Australia¹s presence known on the night claiming half of these titles. What
a fantastic result and show of both strength and professionalism for real
estate practitioners in this state.

We at Toop&Toop are still reeling from the experience. Having brought home
the title last year for Innovation, we headed over to Sydney keeping our
fingers crossed that we might make it two in a row but not holding our
breath. Our night started out firing with the first category, Innovation,
being awarded to Toop&Toop. Back to Back National Awards - we were ecstatic!
From here we thought the night couldn¹t improveŠbut it certainly did. We
were also awarded Large Residential Agency of the Year for our Norwood
office and without a doubt, the stand out highlight of the night was our
very own Peter Veitch picking up the National Residential Sales Person of
the Year title. Congratulations Peter we couldn¹t be more proud of you.

When it comes to Real Estate, South Australia has proven that we have the
leading edge against all the other states. So if you¹d like an appraisal or
some advise on selling your residential property from one of SA¹s award
winning real estate companies, call us here at Toop&Toop, we¹d love to help.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Market bounces Shortage drives auctions ′?

Strong market conditions prevail !
There is action abound in each of the major market segments :
· First Home Buyer ­ extremely hot
· Middle Market ­ Strong with a property shortage
· Upper End ­ Strong, discerning, property shortage
· Investment ­ Regaining momentum. Good supply and good value in
various price brackets
· Land / Developers ­ Strengthening. Always a shortage of supply

The main market drivers are seen as :
· Predicted hold on interest rate rises over next 12 months
· Tight level of property supply
· New superannuation laws encouraging people to reinvest in property
· Tight rental market
· Continuing increase in Adelaide housing prices

Traditional submarkets are remaining predictable :
· Classic character homes : High demand
· Inner suburbs : High demand ­ discerning
· Suburbs close to defence : Increasing demand to house new labour to
The assessment : Character inner and suburbs in North East & Port are the
³hottest² property !
Timing your sale ?
For analysis of your property¹s saleability and price potential, contact
one of the team or our offices. An area specialist will provide a
comprehensive assessment of your property and it¹s current demand
Karen Raffen, CEO <>

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Looking to invest? Now is the time!

The last few months has seen a huge rise in the demand for rental
properties. The January vacancy rate for the Adelaide metropolitan area sat
below 1% at an incredibly low 0.8% and from what our Property Management
team report, this hasn¹t eased at all throughout February. Consequently
investment properties are once again the flavour of the month!
If you're looking to buy an investment property, a report recently released
by Helen Collier-Kogtevs from Real Wealth Australia outlines a few tips on
how to avoid the key mistakes investors often make.
1. Falling in love with the property
If you inspect a property and care what the curtains look like, whether the
kitchen has stainless steel appliances and what the colour scheme is, you're
probably making this mistake. Many investors forget that purchasing an
investment property is for someone else to live in. You would be better
advised to speak to property managers about what features are desirable for
tenants in a given area, rather than thinking about what's desirable for
2. Not seeking expert advice
Investors who sign on the dotted line without consulting their accountants,
solicitors or finance brokers are playing with fire. It is important to have
experts as a part of your team. Look at property investing as a business and
the experts are your employees. The benefit is that you pay them only when
you use them. It is also a good idea to ask these experts whether or not
they personally invest in property, to ensure their advice comes from
practical experience.
3. Not having a risk mitigation strategy
Many investors fail to ask themselves questions such as: what happens if the
property can¹t be tenanted or if the property burns down, and what if
interest rates go up or your circumstances change? As an investor you need
to establish a risk mitigation strategy, which is basically a back-up plan
for when things go wrong. Insurance, fixed interest rates & back-up savings
are all important aspects which need to be considered. When visiting your
accountant, ask if you can access your tax refund on a week-by-week basis,
which helps to aid your cash flow.
4. Not performing due diligence
Due diligence is the research done prior to making the purchase, it helps
the investor work out whether the property is a good buy or not. Some
factors often ignored include how far away schools, shopping centres,
medical facilities and transport are, what capital growth the area has seen
and what the vacancy rate is. It is a good idea to do your homework to be
sure that you are buying a great investment property.
5. Not crunching the numbers
Most investors rely on guesstimates rather than sitting down and doing the
hard numbers related to their purchases. If you're not great with numbers,
why not look at purchasing some property analysis software that helps do the
If you're looking to get into or are currently a part of the investment
market give us at Toop&Toop a call!
To view the full report go to
Karen Raffen, CEO

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Monday, March 05, 2007

"Auctions are alive & kicking in Adelaide"

At Toop&Toop auctions have been a great option to assist in achieving
excellent results for our clients, with consistently strong clearance rates.
Although it is not just the clients who are appreciating our good work, the
industry has also stopped to give recognition.
On Tuesday night the Society of Auctioneers & Appraisers launched the Golden
Gavel competition for 2007 and at the same time recognised the Top 10 Sales
Consultants who held the most Auctions over the past 12 months.
We are proud to acknowledge that both Phil Harris and Lew Toop were amongst
these stand out achievers. Well done guys!
If you are looking to auction your property, there's never been a better
time, call us for an appraisal.
Karen Raffen, CEO

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