Friday, March 23, 2007

Market bounces Shortage drives auctions ′?

Strong market conditions prevail !
There is action abound in each of the major market segments :
· First Home Buyer ­ extremely hot
· Middle Market ­ Strong with a property shortage
· Upper End ­ Strong, discerning, property shortage
· Investment ­ Regaining momentum. Good supply and good value in
various price brackets
· Land / Developers ­ Strengthening. Always a shortage of supply

The main market drivers are seen as :
· Predicted hold on interest rate rises over next 12 months
· Tight level of property supply
· New superannuation laws encouraging people to reinvest in property
· Tight rental market
· Continuing increase in Adelaide housing prices

Traditional submarkets are remaining predictable :
· Classic character homes : High demand
· Inner suburbs : High demand ­ discerning
· Suburbs close to defence : Increasing demand to house new labour to
The assessment : Character inner and suburbs in North East & Port are the
³hottest² property !
Timing your sale ?
For analysis of your property¹s saleability and price potential, contact
one of the team or our offices. An area specialist will provide a
comprehensive assessment of your property and it¹s current demand
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