Monday, April 23, 2007

Why Toop&Toop ?

If you are thinking of selling your home, then one of the first areas you
will think about is who should I employ to work for me ?

The sale of your property is one of the biggest transactions that you
undertake through your life, there is a lot of money involved, and hence I
believe that you need to have complete faith in the company and the sales
person that you employ. So, with all of the different agents on offer how do
you choose the one that is best suited to your needs ?

So….On my list the following items would need to be ticked off :

ð Solid advice, backed up by recent and relevant market information
about what your home is worth. You will have a figure in mind in most cases
that you want to achieve ­ make sure that it is on par with market demand

ð A plan for how to market your home, and, who the ideal target
market is that they are trying to attract . The marketing needs to speak to
the right buyers for your property

ð That the company has the presence in the market to attract the
highest number of potential buyers to your property

ð That the company has systems and resources to back up your sale

ð The sales person you employ has to understand your needs and be
genuinely interested and connected to your property.

There are obviously lots more, but the important thing to remember is that
there is a difference between agents, and it can have an effect on your

We'd love the opportunity to present to you what it is about Toop&Toop that
makes us different and why we'd love to work with you. Call us on 8362
Karen Raffen, CEO <>

? Toop Real Estate Group

Monday, April 16, 2007

Number 1 in website hits!

If you¹re searching the real estate market for an investment or your ideal
home, the chances are that the internet has become your first point of call.
Today, it seems, every business has a website and within the real estate
industry it has become one of our most used marketing tools in matching
properties to buyers.

Having won the Real Estate Institute of South Australia¹s Website of the
Year Award back to back in 2005 & 2006, we at Toop&Toop can proudly say that
our clients properties are being marketed on the best website in town!

Teamed with our own award winning website, Toop&Toop through is providing sellers and purchasers with a first glimpse
of all our properties as they hit the market.

Ranked as Australia¹s number 1 collective real estate website, you will find
that the majority of South Australian agents display the properties they are
marketing on this hugely resourced site together with their individual
company website - I know at Toop&Toop we certainly do, and for us and our
vendors it¹s proving a big success. has just released the Top 10 Agents in South Australia
ranked by the Œnumber of properties viewed per office¹ during the month of
February 2007. Toop&Toop Norwood has come out on top, ranked number 1 with a
total of 135,350 viewings of our properties on the market! With these
figures in hand, our clients can be assured that their homes are certainly
attracting interest from the wider market.

The age of technology is here and what an asset it¹s proving to be. So if
you are looking to sell or buy, give us a call or jump onto the internet ­
we¹re only too happy to help.

Karen Raffen, CEO <>

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Need another chocolate delight? ?

After spending time with family and friends over a nice long easter weekend,
I¹m sure you, like me, have had your fair share of chocolate eggs and
bunnies with even the odd chicken thrown in! The last thing you probably
want to think about is more chocolateŠbut if that sweet tooth hasn¹t quite
been satisfied and you have some Œleft over¹ chocolate, here¹s a fabulous
Rocky Road recipe from our Norwood receptionist Alecia James.
Rocky Road
1/2 packet of Ripe Raspberry lollies (chopped)
250gms of white & pink marshmallows (chopped)
100gms of unsalted peanuts
1/2 cup of desiccated coconut
750gms of milk, dark or white melted chocolate (or more as desired!)

1. Line a tray, approximately 5cm in height, with aluminium foil
2. Scatter the Ripe Raspberries, marshmallows & peanuts over the base of
the tray
3. Melt the chocolate in the microwave, or slowly over the stove
4. Stir the desiccated coconut into the melted chocolate
5. Pour chocolate over ingredients in tray and place in freezer for 2
6. Remove from freezer, cut into cubes and store in a container in the
Everyone here at Toop&Toop loves this Rocky Road and we hope you will to
Karen Raffen, Ceo <>

© Toop Real Estate Group

Monday, April 02, 2007

Adelaide's real estate market in grid lock

Many of you out there who are looking to purchase may be finding it
difficult to find your ideal house within the current market conditions.
After a booming Spring, the Adelaide real estate market is experiencing a
shortage of properties.
The best way to describe this is that buyers and sellers are in grid lock.
There is strong belief that Vendors are holding off on the sale of their
homes until Winter, due to the drought, and aren¹t wanting to sell until
they have purchased; while the houses that are on the market are being
snapped up by eager purchasers. Without any movement from home owners
looking to sell, the flow of homes through the market is slowing causing
this grid lock situation.
Home owners, if you are holding off putting your home on the market now is
the time to reassess. With other vendors also waiting for the winter rains
to Œgreen up¹ their gardens, we will potentially see a flood of properties
coming onto the market over the next couple of months. Along with this
another interest rate rise by the Reserve Bank is being forecast for April
ŠSo if you would like to beat the rush, now is the time to sell and we would
be delighted to assist you.
Karen Raffen, CEO <>

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