Friday, May 11, 2007

Winter around the corner 

We will definitely not be complaining about the rain and the cooler weather
with our gardens breathing a sigh of relief at the moment! The colder
weather however always brings the common question of how do I best show my
home for sale?
A clear, sunny day in Summer or Spring can make it easy to show off your
house - but what if you¹re looking to sell in the colder months? The garden
is bare, the skies are grey and maybe damp, and everything is cold!
But let¹s look at this again! Whoever buys your home won¹t just be living
there when it¹s warm, so it can work to your advantage to show your home in
another light.
In the same way that warmer weather can be used to accentuate certain
features like outdoor settings for entertaining or even a cool haven inside
to escape the heat, there are things you can do to emphasise the cosier side
of your home -
Everything¹s better in the light of day:
If possible open your home when it captures the best possible light. For
some homes this will be earlier in the day & for others the afternoon may be
Lighten up the garden:
The garden is a great place to add some colour, so trim back any fading
summer plants and replace them with colourful ones that flourish in winter.
Make sure the pool is covered, or kept leaf and mould free - just because
it¹s too cold to use right now, you still want prospective homebuyers to be
able to see themselves using it in the future. You could even brighten the
area with some colourful furniture.
Follow your nose:
Scents around the house - good or bad - will play a part in triggering past
memories in prospective buyers, as well as creating new ones for the next
time they think of your home. If your house is closed up it can easily
develop a damp or musty smell, and animals, no matter how much we love them,
leave a strong odour in a close, warm environment. So open the windows and
doors before an inspection, keep your home warm and dry, and even create a
scent that is likely to trigger good memories in anyone who enters, like
having roses in the entrance or main room. Try to stay away from artificial
scents, as they can trigger allergic reactions in some people.
Turn up the heat:
Whether you have a fireplace or central heating, make sure your home is warm
and cosy so buyers feel comfortable and at ease looking around the property.
Add some visual warmth too, with the use of throw cushions with warm colours
and fluffy rugs. If there is a spot which gets the sun during the day,
feature it by placing some comfortable seating, books and
cushions around.
Our Home Stylists in your free consultation when you sell your home with
Toop&Toop will be happy to assist you with all of these tips. So if you are
thinking of selling give us a call on 8362 8888!

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