Friday, June 22, 2007

Easy & Convenient 

At Toop&Toop we¹re working for you to make our properties more accessible
wherever you are.

Picture thisŠit¹s Saturday morning (most likely a fairly chilly one), you¹re
sipping your latte at a nice little café and working your way through the
real estate section. As you look over Toop&Toop¹s pages you spot a lovely
little cottage in Norwood. As with all property ads, you get a glimpse of
what this property has to offer but would like to know more before calling
the sales partner. Well now you can be informed without moving from that

Over the past couple of weeks you may have noticed a new piece of technology
we¹re advertising to make house hunting even easier ­ the Toop&Toop mobile

Just get out your mobile phone, locate your web browser and go to

From here you can find all the details you need on that cottage, view other
Toop&Toop opens that are on that weekend or locate a particular sales
partner, select their contact number and be connected straight away!

If you¹re looking to rent rather than buy don¹t despair - you can also view
all our available rental properties, some photos and open details.

Toop&Toop mobile web is another bit of technology we¹ve adapted to help make
finding your home more easy &convenient. How cool is that!
Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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