Friday, June 15, 2007

Just .toop it!

It doesn¹t matter where you work, what you do or how old you are -
technology is increasingly becoming a part of our day to day lives. In a bid
to make us more efficient and easily coordinate with our busy lifestyles,
anything which reduces time is welcomed with open arms. The internet is a
prime example of this.
Over the past 5 years there has been an amazing increase in the number of
users accessing the internet and in turn this is having a big impact on the
way companies are now doing business.
At Toop&Toop we have found that nearly all our buyers are searching the web
as their first point of call in a quest to find their ideal home or
investment. Detailed descriptions, floor plans, photos, virtual tours and
videos allow purchasers to fully view a home quickly, at anytime of the day
or night without tackling any traffic. What better way to take the ease out
of house hunting?
The only thing that is often frustrating when searching this way for your
new home, is having to go through all those layers on the website. Are you a
buyer? Click here. What suburb would you like? Click here. Which sales
partner are you looking for? Click here. Remember the street name but not
the suburb? Well now ­ that¹s a whole new problem!
Well, starting from now, take the frustration out of surfing the net and
just dot toop it
Confused? I¹ll explain.
Toop&Toop have developed individual web addresses for every property we
currently have on the market, so basically every property has its own web
address. Cool hey?
You can save time and skip past the front pages of our
site by just typing in part of the address in front of, for
example If you¹re looking in one particular suburb
just enter it followed by like or if you

don¹t remember the address but know which agent was handling the property
enter their name followed by

The options are endless! Pick a real estate related word and just dot toop
This is just another bit of technology we¹re introducing to help serve our
clients more efficiently and effectively ­ we hope you like it.
So remember just dot toop it!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director

© Toop Real Estate Group

1 comment:

Tim Burgan said...

I think this is an excellent idea that Toop&Toop are implementing to allow users greater flexibility and options in searching.

I understand that "" is perhaps easier to market than what I'll suggest below, but I can't help to wonder if users will be confused.

As a website developer interested in user experience, I would have thought that having the "keywords" at the end of (e.g. would simply build on a users current knowledge of the internet, rather than slightly altering it (for some less technology-inclined users). I suspect you'll find that some users will be saying: "Hang on.. do I have to type WWW?", whereas is a natural extension.

I also think this format allows for further expansion in the future. For example, maybe could return all properties in Norwood on streets starting with "P" (or with "p" in them), such as The Parade.

Another benefit may be that users with "URL auto-completion" turned on in their web browser would still only need to type "toop" into their Address Bar to see all their recent search URL's on With the recently implemented format users would need to type "norwood", and only see their searches for Norwood, but they wouldn't see their search for Unley.

Obviously, I'm simply speculating user difficulties and testing would need to be done to analyse which option really would be more helpful than the other.

That said, what you've implemented is great. I hope this extra addition to Toop&Toop is a roaring success.