Friday, June 29, 2007

Pushing the boundaries

Innovation and Technology - These are two words that we at Toop&Toop love to
push the boundaries of on a frequent basis!
Keeping up to speed with all the latest gadgets and software is always a
challengeŠ but thanks to our highly skilled IT guys, Marcus & Nat, we¹re
managing to grasp hold of concepts which are brand new to the real estate
industry and put them into action.
Talk about exciting times!
Over the past couple of weeks we have launched two new initiatives which
will work to benefit all our clients, whether you¹re buying or selling.
Just .toop it!
As each home we see is unique in itself, Toop&Toop have developed individual
web addresses for every property we currently have on the market - so
basically every property has its own exclusive web address!
It¹s so easy to operate, just jump on the internet and type in part of the
property address you want to know more about in front of, for
example If you¹re looking in one particular suburb
just enter it followed by like or if you
don¹t remember the address but know which agent was handling the property
enter their name followed by
The options are endless! Pick a real estate related word and just .toop it.
Now we at Toop&Toop know that the majority of mobile phones out there have
web browsing technology, so we¹ve developed a website especially for your
mobile. Just get out your phone, locate your web browser and go to
From here you can find all the details you need on the particular property
you just have to have, view other Toop&Toop opens that are on or locate a
particular sales partner, select their contact number and be connected
straight away!
At Toop&Toop we¹ve introduced these concepts so that you as our clients are
given the most up-to-date technology to assist in finding the ideal home or
help reach that perfect buyer with ease.
We¹re working for you to make buying and selling easy &convenient.
Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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