Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Guess who's docked at the Port?

Port Adelaide ­ The only port in Australia yet to be developed. Now it¹s
finally happening and Toop&Toop are proud to be a part of this dynamic

We¹ve jumped on board with Urban Construct and their phenomenal development,
Newport Quays. With stage 1 of the project ³Edgewater² now complete and
stage 2 ³Marina Cove² underway the ball is really starting to roll as the
quays take shape. As the preferred agent for any Newport Quays rentals or
re-sales, what our specialized team at Toop&Toop doesn¹t know about this
development isn¹t worth knowing! I have to say, if you haven¹t seen what
this project offers then you¹re missing out ­ it really is impressive and is
going to greatly improve the life and economy of the Port.

To top it all off last Friday night, the 6th July, we braved the stormy
weather for the official opening of our brand new office on Commercial Road,
Port Adelaide. To help formalise the event the Hon Kevin Foley MP was there
to mark the occasion, along with local identities and the Toop&Toop Port
Adelaide Team.

We are so excited to be launching into an area of Adelaide which will be
seeing some huge potential and growth over the coming years.

So if you¹re after advice on any of the new developments or current
properties at the Port, give us a call on 8200 9888 or drop in and visit the
Toop&Toop team at 71 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide and they¹ll be only too
happy to help.
Karen Raffen, CEO


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