Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Marina property prospects buoyant

It¹s good to see that little South Australia is keeping up with the rest of
the nation when it comes to developing marina areas. With Newport Quays
underway, Cape Jaffa and Ceduna seeing some development as well South
Australia is now able to offer some prime marina properties which offer
fabulous lifestyle choices.
Earlier this month I received some information from Australian Property
Investor which I¹d like to share with you ­ especially if you¹re thinking of
an investment or a change from everyday life.
Homes with a private marina berth are emerging as one of the property
market¹s most sought-after commodities, according to researcher Terry
Ryder, who has identified marina hotspots in five states.
Private marinas and moorings will attract a premium because few new
facilities for Australia¹s boating fraternity are being developed, Ryder
³Any properties with existing marina facilities, or any new properties
being built with approved facilities, will enjoy strong price growth due to
the lack of stock, the difficulties in developing more stock and Australia¹s
growing appetite for luxury toys such as boats,² he says.
The actual homes that house marina berths are becoming secondary in
assessing the value of properties that have private mooring facilities,
Ryder says.
³The value in this specialist category is all about boating access and
there just happens to be a home attached as well. In fact, the size of
the typical waterfront properties with private moorings is becoming
smaller, while prices are rapidly increasing.²
In a hotspotting.com.au report, Ryder identifies 14 marina hotspots
across four states. They are:
Queensland: Trinity Park, Cairns; Port Hinchinbrook;
Magnetic Island; Townsville; Jacobs Well, Brisbane.
New South Wales: Rozelle Bay, Sydney; Batemans Bay.
Victoria: Martha Cove, Mornington Peninsula; Paynesville and
Metung, Gippsland Lakes.
South Australia: Port Adelaide/Newport Quays; Cape Jaffa; Ceduna.
Western Australia: Coogee.
From The Australian Property Investor ­ July
If this article has gotten you enthused to find out more about the
opportunities of purchasing a marina property in South Australia, in
particular at Newport Quays, phone our friendly team at the port on 8200
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