Friday, October 12, 2007

The future is to register!

The future is to register! Do you ever find yourself at the first open inspection of a property, madly keen because it’s the ideal home for you, only to be told by the sales partner it’s already under contract? Why not avoid that disappointing situation by being one of the first people to be informed when a property, that’s right for you, hits the market?

With Toop&Toop it’s easy. Just go to, and fill in the criteria with the type of home you’re looking for. In return every time we have a suitable property for sale we’ll send you an email or SMS with the property details and an invitation to a VIP inspection. You’ll be able to “beat the rush” and view your potential home before it appears in the newspaper – best of all this service is absolutely free! So why not take some of the hard work out of house hunting by registering with Toop&Toop, it makes perfect sense doesn’t it.

We’re also developing our website even further to provide the best possible information source for our clients. The just .toop it! phenomenon continues to develop every day and we have some massive new innovations being launched this spring. We’re starting to trial a few of these concepts and they’re proving popular already with our website traffic going almost vertical! See if you can discover these new innovations… we’ll tell you much more about them in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the market to buy remember to

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