Friday, October 26, 2007

Who's Buying Property in Adelaide!

Whenever you are looking to sell your home it is only natural that you want the best possible price!

So when we are working with you to market your home our aim at Toop&Toop is to reach the widest possible number of people who are looking for a home just like yours. Lots of other agents say that our marketing is “gimmicky” or “not needed”, getting back to basics is all that is needed ! Sure, the buyer may come off a card in their window advertising your home, but would you want to miss the chance of reaching national & international buyers who may not be well versed in Adelaide prices and be prepared to pay it’s true worth ?

In the last month alone (Sept 17 to Oct 17 2007)at Toop&Toop we have had the following hits on our website from buyers looking for
property in Adelaide :
The level of interest from interstate, particularly Sydney, Perth & Brisbane as can be seen above has been amazing. The interest has been focussed on the newer apartment type dwellings as well as the growth suburbs of Adelaide such as : Golden Grove, western suburbs, and city & coastal fringe. In addition to the buyers around Australia we have also seen an influx of purchasers from Asia, UK & USA as they look to settle in metro Adelaide & the Hills.
If it were me I wouldn’t want to miss these buyers accessed by Toop&Toop when selling my home !!! Call us as to how we can help you !

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