Friday, November 30, 2007

Mining for information in Roxby Downs

Mining for information in Roxby Downs One of the most talked about topics of 2007 would have to be South Australia’s Mining Boom. A subject that most people usually know nothing about is all of a sudden cropping up in discussions over dinner tables, corporate lunches and at social functions. Let’s face it, after a little while you start hearing the same bits of information over and over again, delivered with a slightly different slant. So, we decided it was time to do a bit of investigating ourselves and visit the town at the heart of this discussion - Roxby Downs.
Last Friday night, after a 5 hour road trip, Troy Tyndall (from our Port Adelaide office) and I pulled into town and headed straight to our destination for the evening… the Tavern. After all, what better place to meet the locals and find out all about Roxby? Drink in hand we starting mingling with the locals, introducing ourselves, chatting about the mines and, of course, the all important topic of real estate! Thanks to one of the mine managers we learnt all about how the industry operates, the workers shift patterns and the “Who’s Who” of Roxby.
The next day we set up a little stall at their monthly markets and prepared for the very hot day ahead. Throughout the morning we had some steady response from the locals as we continued to gather information. As the afternoon hit we went further a field and visited the mining camps at Olympic Dam and traveled on to Andamooka.
While we can’t give away too many of these little pieces of ‘gold’ that we gathered, here’s an interesting point for those of you looking to, or currently selling. The miners like to get out of town on their days off, travel to Adelaide and invest in properties – particularly those near water.
After this whirl wind trip, I think we can officially say that we have a few new angles to present on the mining boom next time we find ourselves amidst this topic at a social function!
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