Thursday, January 31, 2008

Great time for investors...

Great time for investors... We know there are quite a few anxious home owners, buyers and investors out in the market at the moment. The downward turn in the stock market and speculation of continued interest rate rises being the main cause for those grey hairs! The truth is none of us have a crystal ball to look into and determine what is going to happen in the next 12 months – however what we can tell you is what’s happening right now.

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you how Toop&Toop have been gaining interstate and overseas interest from buyers in regards to investing in our state. Right now, with the rental market in full swing, they are certainly choosing the right time.

Throughout January our Property Management team have received a huge amount of interest on properties across the board. We’ve seen an increase in demand for top level executive homes and the fully furnished apartments are drawing keen interest especially from university students new to the state.

There is one area of rental accommodation where we are having trouble keeping up with the demand…properties priced below $300 per week are walking out the door at a faster rate than we can advertise them. We are finding that no sooner have we put a property onto we are receiving emails and phone calls from prospective tenants who are keen to look through. Some are even offering to put in applications prior to seeing the property.

At the moment we have a number of quality properties for sale across Adelaide and a keen list of registered renters. So, if you’re thinking of investing or renting out a current investment property call your local Toop&Toop office today.
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Will they or won't they?

It’s the big question surrounding interest rates – Will they be raised, when and by how much?

Since late last year there have been a number of varied and conflicting reports throughout the media. Throw into the mix Christmas, the January Sales and not to mention a change in Federal power and it certainly heightens this already hotly debated topic!

This week I came across a Sydney Morning Herald article by Nicole Pedersen McKinnon which put forward some interesting points in regards to recent and potentially upcoming rate rises.

If you are rushing to fix your mortgage - stop! The banks are way ahead of you.
You can't have missed that the big five have now increased their variable rates: in order, NAB, ANZ, CBA and, on Friday, St George and Westpac.
What you didn't see on the news, however, was that in early January ANZ lifted its fixed rates by 0.25 - more than it subsequently increased the variable rate. But that's not a patch on biggest lender, the Commonwealth. By only raising variable rates 0.1, it managed to come off as almost magnanimous - except that it had already upped fixed rates by 0.3 percentage points.
There's a broader issue in all of this, too: what the RBA will do next.
Evidence is mounting that we are at the top of the interest rate cycle - you have to go back more than 12 years to find rates as high as we now have. If the subprime crisis at the heart of the credit crunch sends the United States into recession, economic growth here could slow and rates could actually start to fall.
The upshot is that the best way of fighting a rise may be to get a better variable deal. Infochoice says many institutions still have rates below 8 per cent including Austral Credit Union, Citibank and Yes Home Loans.
But if you are determined to fix, perhaps to get repayment certainty, some of the best deals come from a surprising source: the online arms of the very banks that have been jacking up the fixed rates on their branch products. The CBA's Homepath is offering a three-year fix of 8.14 per cent, half a percentage point below its regular product. Meanwhile, the ANZ's One Direct has a fantastic 7.94 per cent deal, 0.6 below.
So, act fast, and you can beat the banks at their own game.

This is just another viewpoint, so obviously seek your own advice before taking any action! We’ll all keep watching with interest as the whole topic plays out…

Karen Raffen, CEO

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

For keen buyers- look a little further

If we were to name a common trend throughout real estate over the years it would be that the majority of purchasers buy in their own backyard. They upsize or downsize within the suburb or area where they currently live for the one simple fact that they love it there.
During boom times throughout the nation there is always a shift in focus to the capital city that is flagged as the current real estate ‘hot spot’. Investors work to be the first to seek out these locations, purchasing properties at the beginning of a rise and therefore maximizing their return.
Over the past month Toop&Toop have received increased levels of interest from buyers who are interstate or residing overseas. It seems the whole nation has been .toop-ing it with receiving visits from over 21,500 keen buyers during the festive season. Of these potential purchasers, a quarter were from interstate and overseas!
What’s drawing them to our state? Our Sales Partners are finding that these purchasers are reading about the mining boom and they don’t want to miss out on all that’s happening in SA!
So if you’re looking to sell your property call your local Toop&Toop office today.
You never know you may find that the new owner of your home lives just around the corner – or maybe they’ll live a little further a-field in Brisbane, Houston or even Fiji!
Karen Rafen, CEO <>

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Real Estate is Alive & Kicking!!

Real Estate is Alive & Kicking!!

Over the Christmas and New Year period there is often a perception that real estate stops. Well at Toop&Toop we know this is definitely not the case!
Our offices have been open over the break and our sales team have been out and about selling homes. As many of our vendors have been enjoying a break in their marketing, we have a long list of buyers itching to get in and see these homes that have not been available for viewing over this time.
It seems that over this time the way that people live forms an enormous part of their planning for the next year and often is high on the list of New Year resolutions! Sitting around the Christmas table elbow to elbow often makes people dream of a larger home to take up their ever growing family, and having time to relax means people have time to stop and think about how they want to live in the coming years.
So if you are one of those people who is thinking of a new home make sure that you register with us as a VIP buyer by going to or if you’re looking to sell call us and have one of our agents come out and discuss how we can work together to achieve the best possible sale for you.
All of our offices are open every working day and our agents are ready and able to visit you and your property.
So give us a call and take advantage of this great time to buy or sell!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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