Thursday, February 21, 2008

Racing it out - Toop style

Cowboys, Angels, Pirates & Caped Crusaders were seen dashing around North Adelaide recently in what could only be described as a mad frenzy! No - they weren’t part of a fringe show or new blockbuster movie they were competing in our 2008 Car Rally.

In true ‘Amazing Race’ style the Toop&Toop crew found their way through riddles and detours with quite a bit of laughter, and a few wrong turns, along the way.

The journey went a little like this… 8 teams set out from our Norwood office on Friday Afternoon at 1 minute intervals, with the first stop they needed to find being literally around the corner – the letterbox at our advertising studio “Hoot&Toot” which faces Eastry Street. Well it went a bit pear shaped for a couple of teams from the word go with one team heading all the way to Stirling!

Nevertheless the game went on. Building houses out of popsticks, solving a cryptic quiz in the beautiful Botanic Gardens, the odd search here and there for “Where’s Toopie?” (a spin off of the favourite children’s book ‘Where’s Wally’) and an all time favourite – the eating challenge. All this and more our teams endured in their quest to grab this years title.

It wasn’t just the teams doing it tough though – the marshalls at each stop received scowls from some pirates, glares from the cowboys, not to mention threats from a certain member of finance that next week… “they could go on a treasure hunt
for their pay cheques”!!

With 10 stops in total, our winners made it through the course in around an hour and a half. Regardless of the twists and turns we’d thrown in their way, the giggling angels with their master ‘Charlie’ arrived at the Queens Head in Kermode Street at around 4:30pm, triumphant. In second place were the Port Pirates & third went to a team from our Glenelg Office, Oceans 4.

So if you’re out and about in February next year and see some weird and wonderful characters running around, don’t despair – it’s most likely the team from Toops embarking on their next Car Rally.

Karen Raffen, CEO

© Toop Real Estate Group

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