Thursday, February 07, 2008

Testimonials & the culture of TOOP&TOOP

Many real estate agencies hire the guys who bring in the property listings, regardless of how they do it or whether they leave a wake of destruction in their path!

Let me pose a question to you… If you were selling your home would you want:
a) The Slap Dash Sales Person who will get you a good price, but that for some reason you don’t really feel all that comfortable dealing with OR
b) The Sales Person you have great rapport with, who you know is going to get you the best possible result whilst remaining professional at all times?

At Toop&Toop we strive everyday to provide you with “Answer B”.

How do we do this? From the first day Toop&Toop opened we vowed to put the culture of our team and company first, ensuring that we would provide you with the highest level of service from the best possible team. So when we recruit staff there is one golden rule we always adhere to – at Toop&Toop we hire by Character First, ensuring we get the right fit for our team, keep the culture alive and provide you with the Sales Partners and support staff from “Answer B” every time.

Last year each member of our team put forward their own thoughts on what it’s like to work for this company. What better way to learn what a company is really like than hearing from it’s staff? Here’s a sample of what they had to say:

“After working in many different industries, I can honestly say I have been on the ride of my life since the day I stepped foot inside the doors of Toop&Toop Real Estate. The camaraderie, support and fun we all have make each and every day a great day!”
Alex McGregor-Reid - Sales Partner

“I feel thrilled and proud to be part of a thriving and expanding family business that is Toop&Toop. We are all encouraged to contribute to its success, and our efforts and hard work are acknowledged and rewarded – you can’t buy a job like that!”
Karen Hall – Sales Co-ordinator

“Some people watch it happen, others ask “what happened?”, Toop&Toop make it happen”
Julie Martin – Buyer Manager

“Previously I had worked for several franchises and a development company. When Toop&Toop bought the business it was a transformation! I remember vividly a training session the first week where the trainer said ‘hold onto the Toop&Toop rocket tightly and you will be amazed where it will take you!’… and it has! How many real estate sales people have a face-to-face with the CEO and MD on a weekly basis and the whole company every month? At Toop&Toop we do. I was always told if you want to be successful mix with the best, respect who you work for and never stop making changes to improve the service you provide. The best training, marketing and innovation backed by a passionate team with family values… the rest is up to you! Toop&Toop”. Len Allington – Sales Partner

Just a snapshot but I think you’ll agree with us when we say, we are very proud of our team and culture here at Toop&Toop. Want to learn more? Just go to and view the entire booklet of how our staff truly feel about working at Toops.

Karen Raffen, CEO <>

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