Friday, March 07, 2008

Hoot & Toot!

Hoot & Toot! There are many schools of thought within the Real Estate industry when it comes to the best way of maximising your property’s sale price.

At Toop&Toop we believe that a beautifully presented home not only increases your chances of attracting the right type of buyer but is a value added service that otherwise may not be tapped into. In order to showcase your home to the buying public, we back up this concept by providing our clients with professional photography & unique marketing through our own in house advertising studio – Hoot&Toot.

Within Hoot&Toot, no stone is left unturned in the quest to deliver the highest quality of materials with which to advertise your property. This is what we do for you…

At Toop&Toop we know that a picture really does speak a thousand words. To ensure your pictures speak the best words, we have a full time professional photographer who weaves his magic on every home with stunning results. We then back up this role with our full time photography assistant who ensures the photos appear at their finest across all marketing mediums.

From our classy signboards to the property pages on, photos are very much the foundation of Toop&Toop advertising. We were the first to launch our Newspaper layouts in colour, and with continuous evolution and dedication from our studio, these pages continue to be constantly recognised as the highest quality advertisements in the weekend press and local papers.

If you’re reading this article and thinking “wow what a fabulous publication!”, then you’re looking at another Hoot&Toot publication  –‘The Address’ magazine.

With 6 skilled professionals ensuring all the cogs remain well oiled and in motion, our in house advertising studio work alongside your Sales Partner to ensure the marketing materials for your property are produced to the highest standard; In turn maximising the interest and sale price for your home.

So if you are thinking of selling don’t entrust the “look” of your home to anyone but Hoot&Toot!

Karen Raffen, CEO <>

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