Friday, March 14, 2008

The Power of Two!

When Toop&Toop docked at the Port in July last year, there were a few people who found this a bit unusual - Why would Toop’s take an interest in historic Port Adelaide? Our response was ‘Why wouldn’t we?’

For Anthony & Sylvia Toop they were heading back to their roots, with Anthony’s mother born in Alberton and Sylvia having grown up in the area attending Woodville High. On top of this we could see Port Adelaide embarking on a time of huge development, growth and restoration, with the only un-developed port in Australia finally getting the attention it deserved!

Toop & Toop Real Estate are now bringing together two great brands with the acquisition of Malin Russell, one of Adelaide’s oldest independent real estate companies. Established in 1876, the company has a proud history as a progressive real estate agency, providing property expertise to the western and coastal suburbs of Adelaide.

We’re combining Malin Russell’s 132 year history with our 23 year history as one of Australia’s most awarded and innovative real estate agencies and South Australia’s largest family owned independent real estate company.

We’re very excited to welcome the Malin Russell team on board with their broad experience in both residential and commercial sales and residential rentals.

So if you’re looking to sell or lease a property, or if you’re after some Real Estate advice please contact the Toop&Toop Malin Russell team today on 8200 9888.

Karen Raffen, CEO

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