Thursday, May 29, 2008

Introducing our new CEO...

Introducing our new CEO... Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bellini, Raphael, Botticelli … great artists from a time when classic art was reborn and masterpieces were forged. The Renaissance.

As the real estate market changes, so do we. At Toop&Toop we’re entering a time of change and growth – our Renaissance era.

To lead the charge we’ve appointed an individual with 25 years of professional CEO, operational experience. I’d like to introduce our CEO, Ian Darbyshire.

Ian was born and raised in England. He finished school and studied Biochemistry. How does a bio chemist end up in Real Estate you ask? Well keep reading!

Ian’s first job after university was with a pharmaceutical company (ICI) where he got the computer bug (a good variety that is!). There was no turning back now. He was approached by Unigate Dairies to build a new computer system for their existing production as the Factory Manager and then grew the business by building a new dairy based plant. Six years later he was ready for the next challenge.

Little did we know that Ian has been in our lives for some time…true! We will never pour a drink from another juice, fizzy drink or other PET bottle without thinking of him. From 1985 Ian spent four years working for ST Ivel Ltd as the Factory Manager where he lead the team who made this bottle. The marketing tests were held in New Zealand, and with a few side trips to Australia – he knew he would one day live here.

In 1993 Ian was offered his first Managing Director role working for B.E.T. / Rentokil. Initially presented with a brief to ‘Close the Yorkshire Factory’ – by three years in he had turned this factory around to making a healthy profit and had grown the business by adding high value technology based services.

The years moved by and Ian became the CEO of Bennetts, and insurance broking business which he bought and ran as a family business. It has 24 branches with a sales team 300 strong. They implemented new systems to support the customer service experience while launching new products (loans, leisure and homecare).

On selling this business Ian joined Connaught Compliance Ltd as the Group MD (this is where the Real Estate comes into it!). Responsible for 80,000 customers and 3,500 employees, they specialized in engineering services, risk management and his team looked after rental properties ensuring they were maintained and compliant.

Now Ian, his wife Jacqui and daughter Megan have moved to Adelaide and will soon be joined by their son James.

It’s a big welcome to the whole of the Darbyshire family, and Ian we’re excited to have you on board with us here at Toop&Toop. We’re looking forward to our Renaissance!

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