Friday, June 27, 2008

The renaissance continues....

The renaissance continues.... Back in 2002 Labor Party Minister John Rau conducted an independent inquiry into the Real Estate Industry. Now, 6 years later we are seeing the introduction of The Statutes Amendment (Real Estate Industry Reform) Act 2007.

Put in place to protect you as the consumers, this new legislation will work to expose the minority of those in the industry who have been and continue to do, the wrong thing – Fantastic news for those of us who are transacting Real Estate ethically!

From the 1st of July 2008 you’ll be exposed to clear, totally realistic price indicators throughout the industry. No more “In excess of” or “Bidding starting from”. Properties will be marketed with a set price or a range which will be no larger than 10%. While great for Purchasers, the flip side of this is that Vendors will need to decide firmly on a price they’re happy to accept for their property prior to marketing their home – a sometimes very difficult decision to make.

Along with this, you’ll discover that from day one, Real Estate practitioners will be educating you on property transactions more than ever through the distribution of flyers at Appraisals, Open Inspections & Auctions.

At Toop&Toop we’re embracing these new changes.

This Act is set to provide clarity for consumers and practitioners alike across the whole of the Real Estate Industry – and we can’t wait.

If you’d like to know more about these changes, the Office of Consumer & Business Affairs has released a booklet called ‘On the House – Your Guide to Buying & Selling a home’. This is available to order online at or simply drop into your local Toop&Toop office over the coming weeks, we’d be happy to provide you with one.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Go green and help more than the environment!

Go green and help more than the environment! Everyone in the Nation is experiencing the impact of inflation and global warming. The weekly grocery bill is on the incline, partly due to drought, petrol prices continue to soar and interest rates don’t seem to be decreasing as yet! These rising costs associated with day to day life mean many households are beginning to feel some financial strain.

Earlier this year Australians joined forces for earth hour, in a bid to have a positive impact on our environment and global warming. Well now, why not help the environment and assist your wallet at the same time? It just makes sense.

By reducing your energy and water usage around the home you wont only be environmentally friendly…you’ll save money as well!!
Courtesy of Energy Australia, here are some green tips that you can put into action in your household.

The Seven Domestic Sins

1. Leaving appliances in standby mode
    Cost: $50 a year & 0.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide

2. Not using energy-efficient light bulbs
    Cost: $50 a year & 0.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide

3. Over heating or over cooling rooms
    Cost: $50 a year & 0.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide

4. Running a second fridge
    Cost: $200 a year & more than 1 tonnes of carbon dioxide

5. Washing clothes in hot water
    Cost: $40 a year & 0.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide

6. Not installing a low-flow shower head
    Cost: $100 a year on energy and water & 0.8 tonnes of
    carbon dioxide

7. Taking a long shower
    Cost: Up to $100 a year and 0.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

So why not try putting a few of these practices into action and help the environment and your budget – that way we all win!
Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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Friday, June 13, 2008

#1 in website hits

#1 in website hits If you’re searching the real estate market for an investment or your ideal home, the chances are that the internet has become your first point of call. Today, it seems, every business has a website and within the real estate industry it has become one of our most used marketing tools in matching properties to buyers.

Having won the Real Estate Institute of South Australia’s Website of the Year Award 3 years in a row – 2005, 2006 & 2007 - we at Toop&Toop can proudly say that our clients properties are being marketed on the best website in town!

Teamed with our own award winning website, Toop&Toop through is providing sellers and purchasers with a first glimpse of all our properties as they hit the market.

Ranked as Australia’s number 1 collective real estate website, you will find that the majority of South Australian agents display the properties they are marketing on this hugely resourced site together with their individual company website - I know at Toop&Toop we certainly do, and for us and our vendors it’s proving a big success. has just released the Top Agents in South Australia ranked by the ‘number of properties viewed per office’ during the month of April 2008. Toop&Toop Norwood has come out on top, ranked number 1 with a total of 190,845 viewings of our properties on the market! With these figures in hand, our clients can be assured that their homes are certainly attracting interest from the wider market.

The age of technology is here and what an asset it’s proving to be. So if you are looking to sell or buy, give us a call or jump onto the internet – we’re only too happy to help.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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Property vs Budget

Property vs Budget We all want a house that we’re proud to call our home – and over the years the benchmark of this first home has well and truly been raised from where it once was.

In 1976 I paid a whopping $19,000 for my first ‘bachelor pad’…a basic three bedroom, conventional cream brick home on a pretty little street in the top corner of Tea Tree Gully. I’d gone through the rigorous process of securing a home loan from the Hibernian Building Society, having to prove my ability to manage this loan by showing a consistent savings pattern. Compared to then, it seems to be much easier to secure a loan these days!

The fact is, when you look to buy your first home it’s always going to be a stretch regardless of interest rates. Inflation hits all areas of life, so although house prices now are much higher than in 1976, the flip side is that wages have also increased at a relevant rate.

7 years ago Adelaide’s property market reached an all time high with a median price of $158,900 in the December 2001 quarter – During this years March quarter we reached a median price of $362,100. An annual increase of almost $30,000 over the past 7 years! Great news when you’re an owner, a bit more of a stretch when you’re a purchaser…not to mention a first home buyer!

Last week the South Australian Government acknowledged this growing pain for first home buyers when they handed down the 2008/2009 State Budget. Those struggling to buy their first property have been thrown some life support in the form of an additional $4,000 grant, on top of the existing $7,000 grant in place. This gives those who are trying to get their foot in the door of the property market a total of $11,000 in assistance. It’s good to see that our state’s youth are being heard.

So while the market remains tight, there is a little relief for all of you out their searching for your first home.  

Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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