Friday, June 20, 2008

Go green and help more than the environment!

Go green and help more than the environment! Everyone in the Nation is experiencing the impact of inflation and global warming. The weekly grocery bill is on the incline, partly due to drought, petrol prices continue to soar and interest rates don’t seem to be decreasing as yet! These rising costs associated with day to day life mean many households are beginning to feel some financial strain.

Earlier this year Australians joined forces for earth hour, in a bid to have a positive impact on our environment and global warming. Well now, why not help the environment and assist your wallet at the same time? It just makes sense.

By reducing your energy and water usage around the home you wont only be environmentally friendly…you’ll save money as well!!
Courtesy of Energy Australia, here are some green tips that you can put into action in your household.

The Seven Domestic Sins

1. Leaving appliances in standby mode
    Cost: $50 a year & 0.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide

2. Not using energy-efficient light bulbs
    Cost: $50 a year & 0.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide

3. Over heating or over cooling rooms
    Cost: $50 a year & 0.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide

4. Running a second fridge
    Cost: $200 a year & more than 1 tonnes of carbon dioxide

5. Washing clothes in hot water
    Cost: $40 a year & 0.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide

6. Not installing a low-flow shower head
    Cost: $100 a year on energy and water & 0.8 tonnes of
    carbon dioxide

7. Taking a long shower
    Cost: Up to $100 a year and 0.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

So why not try putting a few of these practices into action and help the environment and your budget – that way we all win!
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Mike said...

Its amazing how just turning off you're eletricial items so they aren't on standby can save you a bundle! There are actually special devises that automatically turn off items on standby...