Friday, July 11, 2008

Real Estate query? Ask Toopie - face to face!

Real Estate query? Ask Toopie - face to face! At Toop&Toop we’re used to change. Over the years our company has continually grown, evolved and adapted to changing markets. We lead the way in the eradication of dummy bidding, helped found the Golden Gavel Auctioneer Awards and after 23 years, continue to develop new innovations to aid consumers whether they’re buying or selling.

Now, as we embrace the new Real Estate Legislation, we’re well aware of the fact that you, as our clients, will want to know how this affects the industry as you know it. Will the process for selling a home be altered? How will buying at Auction work? Do I need to register to bid?

We’re here to answer all these questions, face to face…
well, almost!

With the internet being virtually a necessity today in all households and businesses, many of you would be a member of Facebook – or would have heard of it at least.

Facebook is an interactive communication site where individuals can set up their own page, post photos, bulletins of what they’re doing and utilise it as a tool to keep in touch with friends and family all across the world. In Adelaide alone over 170,000 people have their own personal pages on the Facebook site.

Well now Toop&Toop have page on Facebook! Here you can view up to date Real Estate news, video footage on the new legislation, information on our property navigation system ‘PropertyNavTM’ and most importantly, you can directly ask me any questions you may have on the current market – How cool is that!

At Toop&Toop we like to keep our clients well informed on all things Real Estate – so don’t hold back. Simply go to, have a browse and start firing me questions on the industry I know and love!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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Jason Rose said...

every time i get an RSS feed Toop & Toop are trying something new. Congratulations. Not many Australian real estate agency have the guts to go public in there use of social media and other techonlogial advances. keep up the good work.