Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame! Definition: The group of people whose achievements in a particular field are at the highest level.

Why is it that we’re drawn to watching the Olympics, the AFL grand final, the ARIA’s or the Logies? While it might be because we like sport or we’re keeping an eye on the fashion, the true reason is because we want to witness the best of the best in action - the leaders in their specialist arena competing or practicing at the highest level.
When it comes to our day to day lives we continually strive to improve ourselves. Whether by completing tasks just that little bit quicker or by finding an hour for that one thing we never quite have time for. This is the same with a business.
At Toop&Toop we work on a daily basis to continually lift the level of service and quality of innovations we provide to our clients in our quest to be the best within our field.
At the 2008 Real Estate Industry Awards for Excellence a new category was launched to acknowledge those who have remained at the top of their field within this industry for the past 3 years…The Hall of Fame.
Toop&Toop, for Large Agency of the Year, along with Peter Veitch, as South Australian Sales Partner of the year, are proud to be the very first business and individual to be inducted into this inaugural guild. What an honor!
From here we’ll continue to build and develop our business in order to provide you, our clients, with the ultimate Real Estate experience.

Mandy Wurth, General Manager - Sales <>

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