Friday, November 28, 2008

Preparing to launch into 2009

Preparing to launch into 2009 Can you believe that next week marks the beginning of the last month in 2008 and the first month of summer – how quickly has that happened!
While, like me, you’re probably just focusing on organizing your life up until Christmas and worrying about ‘the rest’ later, the fact is now is the time that you should be planning how you’re going to launch into 2009…especially if moving into a new home is on your agenda.
At the beginning of every year the Real Estate market kicks back in with a bang and in 2009 we believe it will be bigger than ever. Why do we think this? Well the number of properties on the market right now is a huge indicator. At the beginning of December 2007 The Advertiser were recording 1343 homes open for inspection, in 2008 the number of homes has more than doubled with 2717 being open on the 15th of November.
So, if you’re looking to sell your home in the New Year lets get the ball rolling now so you’re ready to hit the market after the holiday season.
Make a time with a professional Real Estate Sales Person to meet with you and view your property. As certain from them what areas of the home, if any, require maintenance or updating to stand your home in the best light when it comes to attracting prospective purchasers, and then set an action plan.
Put an agreement in place with your chosen Agency, decide on when you’re going to launch the property onto the market and prepare your home for photography in order for all your marketing to be in place on time.
Most importantly start discussing the price you want to advertise your property at. Your Sales Partner will advise you on this, but at the end of the day it’s your decision. Have a look at other properties for sale around your area and price your home at a realistic level. In this market we can’t stress how important it is to get your asking price aligned to buyers’ level, in the shortest time possible in order to achieve a sale. So be prepared that your Sales Partner will be having these discussions with you.
Preparing your property for sale takes time. If you’re looking for advice on how to go about this or what your property is worth, call Toop&Toop’s Client Concierge on 8332 8888 for a free market appraisal.

Mandy Wurth, General Manager-Sales <>

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Informing South Australians

Confidence… it affects and shapes the lives of every individual across the world. Whether you’re bullish or shy, reserved or the life of the party this element of our personalities can have a bigger impact than we think, and not just on a personal level.
When it comes to our economy consumer confidence has taken a nose dive, largely due to the ongoing headlines stemming from the US meltdown and sweeping across the globe. How do we turn this around and build confidence? Well, explaining the situation and building pro-active knowledge is a good place to start.
On Monday the 10th November Anthony Toop of Toop&Toop together with Mark Lewis of Bernie Lewis Home Loans presented “The Inside Story” Property and Finance seminar. Held at the Piccadilly Cinemas in North Adelaide, this free information evening provided 400 consumers with an insight into the current finance and property markets, arming them with useful tips on how to succeed in this economic climate.

An interactive panel formed by Mark Lewis and Vera Mortimer of Bernie Lewis Home Loans, Antonia Mercorella of Aventus Legal and Anthony Toop, Ian Darbyshire and Peter Veitch of Toop&Toop opened up an extensive question time with the group.
With Phil Harris on the roving mic, they were kept on their toes with a number of insightful and sometimes ‘curly’ questions that the attendees threw their way.
For those of you who attended, we hope you found the night beneficial and it gave you a greater understanding of our current economy.

Mandy Wurth, General Manager - Sales

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Are you maximising the return on your investment?

Are you maximising the return on your investment? Landlords can look forward to excellent returns on their investments in coming years as the high demand for rental properties continues to outstrip supply across Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.
The current market is offering an ideal time for astute buyers to acquire investment properties.
With the rental market as tight as a drum, rents are being driven higher than we’ve seen for several years right across the board.  Industry forecasters are predicting this trend will continue well into the next decade, so now is the time to ensure you’re doing everything you can to maximise the return on your investment.
It’s well worth spending the time now to make sure that you are receiving the maximum return.  It’s amazing how even a relatively small saving in each of these areas can add up, resulting in more money in your pocket or a step towards buying you next investment property.
? Review your mortgage – call a mortgage broker to see if you are getting the best deal you can.
? Get the right rent – regular rent reviews are very important to make sure you are getting the right rent.  A Toop representative can advise you on the best return you can expect in the current market.
? Repairs versus Improvements – seek professional advice on the best way to claim deductions for repairs or improvements to your         investment property.
? Claim the right deductions – many investors don’t claim all their possible deductions - you could be missing out on thousands of             tax deductible dollars!
? Manage your risk – we strongly recommend landlord  protection insurance which is tax deductible.  This covers you against accidental damage, loss of rent, legal expense and public liability.
If you’d like to know more about the asset management Toop’s can provide to you as a landlord, call our award winning team today on 8362 8888.

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