Friday, November 21, 2008

Informing South Australians

Confidence… it affects and shapes the lives of every individual across the world. Whether you’re bullish or shy, reserved or the life of the party this element of our personalities can have a bigger impact than we think, and not just on a personal level.
When it comes to our economy consumer confidence has taken a nose dive, largely due to the ongoing headlines stemming from the US meltdown and sweeping across the globe. How do we turn this around and build confidence? Well, explaining the situation and building pro-active knowledge is a good place to start.
On Monday the 10th November Anthony Toop of Toop&Toop together with Mark Lewis of Bernie Lewis Home Loans presented “The Inside Story” Property and Finance seminar. Held at the Piccadilly Cinemas in North Adelaide, this free information evening provided 400 consumers with an insight into the current finance and property markets, arming them with useful tips on how to succeed in this economic climate.

An interactive panel formed by Mark Lewis and Vera Mortimer of Bernie Lewis Home Loans, Antonia Mercorella of Aventus Legal and Anthony Toop, Ian Darbyshire and Peter Veitch of Toop&Toop opened up an extensive question time with the group.
With Phil Harris on the roving mic, they were kept on their toes with a number of insightful and sometimes ‘curly’ questions that the attendees threw their way.
For those of you who attended, we hope you found the night beneficial and it gave you a greater understanding of our current economy.

Mandy Wurth, General Manager - Sales

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