Thursday, August 28, 2008

Steps to get you to the finish line!

We know that selling your home can be a very stressful time. From deciding on a price you’re willing to accept to preparing the property for inspection and finally accepting an offer, this process can leave you feeling very drained. The problem is that the sale is just the beginning and the biggest job is yet to come… that’s right… the move!

At Toop&Toop we’ve put together a bit of checklist to assist you during this time and ensure no task is accidentally overlooked – here is your…
Countdown to Settlement

4 weeks to go
• Appoint a Conveyancer for the transaction of the property & notify your Sales Partner of their details.
• If you require finance for your own purchase, lodge your application immediately.

3 weeks to go
• Follow up with your broker or bank to check how your loan approval is going.

2 weeks to go
• Confirm the unconditional sale contract.
• Start packing & Book the removalists!
• Your Conveyancer will send you the Transfer of Land Documents to sign.

1 week to go
• Mortgage documents for purchase should be ready for signing with your financier.
• As the Vendor, Issue instructions regarding the method of payment of the sale’s net proceeds for after settlement has been completed.
• Confirm access arrangements to your new property with your sales partner in relation to collection of keys. Hand over of your property should be scheduled for the day of settlement by your Conveyancer, this generally occurs by 12 noon.
• Book final accounts for: Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Alarm Monitoring & Cable/Pay TV.

2 days to go
• Make sure you are completely packed and ready to move house – somehow it always takes longer than you think!
• Remove all rubbish and ensure we have a set of keys for hand over at our Toop&Toop office.
• Your Conveyancer will advise when settlement has been booked.

Settlement & Moving day
• Ensure that the property is completely vacated and cleaned by settlement time, and that all agreed fixtures & fittings remain in the property according to the contract.
• Organise for property keys to be available at Toop&Toop and instruct your Conveyancer to contact our office as soon as settlement has occurred to enable key release.
• Your pets may require special care – don’t forget it is a traumatic time for them as well.
It is a good idea to pack any small children’s toys or personal possessions separately, so they can be easily accessed upon arrival at your new home. This can ease the process of moving for them.

We hope this takes a little of the stress out of moving house – Good luck!

Mandy Wurth, Sales General Manager

© Toop Real Estate Group

Friday, August 15, 2008

Buying at Auction? Don't forget to register!

Two weeks into the new legislation the Real Estate Industry is settling into this revised way of conducting business.

A couple of weeks ago I filled you in on how pricing has become more transparent under the new reform. Now allow me to give you the run down on the new Auction process.

To be honest, the fundamental structure of an Auction hasn’t changed that much. There’s still an Auctioneer, a Clerk to record bids and of course some excited consumers just itching to make that first bid! However there are some key differences that you need to know about if you’re thinking of buying at Auction.

1] To bid at Auction you must be registered!
- Prior to the Auction register as a bidder with the properties Sales Representative and collect your bidder number.
- Remember to bring a form of ID to the Auction. You cannot register to bid without this being sighted.
- You’ll be given the following Government forms to guide you through the purchase process:
R3    Buyers Information Notice
R4    Bidders Guide
R5    Collusive Practices
- At a Toop&Toop Auction you’ll receive a “Toop Guide” which includes your registration form, all the prescribed Government forms and your unique bidder number on the front and back covers for the Auction itself!

2] The Auction gets underway
- At the commencement of each Auction the Auctioneer will audibly announce the Auction Terms & Conditions. This process could take around 5 minutes so please be patient as it is a legal requirement that this is done.

3] Placing a Vendor Bid
- During the course of an Auction, the Auctioneer may exercise their right to make a bid on behalf of the Vendor.
- The Auctioneer is entitled to make 3 ‘Vendor Bids’ below the properties reserve price, and will disclose any such bid as it is made.

4] It’s time to Bid
- It’s important to note that only the individual who has registered can bid. For example if a couple attends an Auction and the wife registers to bid, the husband cannot then raise the bidder number. If this occurs, the Auctioneer will not accept the bid, so it’s a good idea for both individuals to register.
- When you’re ready to bid, raise your ‘Toop Guide’ in the air with the bidder number clearly showing to the Auctioneer.
- The Auctioneer will then announce your bidder number and the amount, clearly identifying who the bid is with at that point in time.
So now buying at Auction is even more transparent than ever. It may take you a few Auctions to get used to these changes, so why not attend a few near you to watch and get used to the process?

Happy Bidding!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Prepare to Spring into action!

It’s still a Wintery 15°c or so outside but with the shortest day of the year behind us, and a few Jonquils and Daffodils beginning to bob up around the place, it won’t be long until Spring is upon us in full bloom.

After a hot dry summer, gardens are now appearing lush and green, making homes even more inviting than ever for prospective purchasers – with this in mind now is the time to start preparing for the rush of buyers that the new season brings every year.

Start the ball rolling by looking at your home from a Purchaser’s point of view. Leave the property and then approach it once again as though viewing it at an open inspection for the first time. Be critical and when you’ve finished the inspection, write a list of the property’s pro’s and con’s.

Now the point of this exercise isn’t to make you all do major renovations – it’s to open your eyes and see the appealing aspects of your home and perhaps a few aspects that have been neglected. Often the smallest of tasks can have a huge impact on the overall presentation of the property. On the outside; look at cleaning out the gutters, removing any unhealthy plants and giving the garden a general grooming and once over. Inside the home look at the general presentation, a room can be instantly enlarged and lifted by simply de-cluttering and minimising the objects in it.

Next, find an Agency whose brand and marketing you want your property to be exposed within and then source the Sales Representative within that Agency who will best suit you and your property needs.

At Toop&Toop your Sales Partner will work alongside you in getting your property on the market at the appropriate time. We’ll also provide you with a visit from the skilled team at “Presenting Beautiful Homes” in order to ensure your home is at its best when the first buyer inspection takes place.

So, start getting ready to Spring into Action!

Call your local Toop&Toop office today to discuss the sale of your property and arrange a free market appraisal.

Ian Darbyshire, CEO

© Toop Real Estate Group

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Toops hit the gound running - with Google Street View!

Toop&Toop are first to integrate Google™ Maps’ latest technology Street View to allow customers to view properties we have on the market from street level!

Check it out on our website today!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Price is Right!

The Price is Right! Over quoting… Bait Advertising… these days are finally over!

On Monday the 28th June the Real Estate Industry Reform came into play - the biggest change our industry has seen for decades and one which was well overdue.

It’s in place to benefit you, the consumer, but in turn it will also develop the entire Real Estate body into a more straight forward and structured industry, which means we all win.

There are now strict legislative guidelines when it comes to marketing a property. Transparency and honesty are of key importance and pricing…well there is no flexibility, it just has to be right!

Up until now Sales Partners have always used comparative home sales to price property, this hasn’t changed. However some individuals in the industry used to choose to inflate or over quote prices, just to gain a listing, but now with the new legislation in place, there is no way this can happen.

Vendors, the ball is in your court more than ever. When placing a property on the market your Sales Partner will advise you of their estimate on the property, and then you have to make a decision on what price you’re willing to accept. The minimum price a property can be advertised at must be at a level that you as the seller is willing to accept. Changes to the quoted sale price must be in writing and penalties are significant if agents or owners attempt to work around this.
For buyers, this is fantastic news – finally you know that the price
is right!

Toop&Toop have a policy of providing buyers with a price on properties wherever possible, through a fixed price or range; however there will be times that property sellers may not wish or be able to do this despite the benefits.

Do not risk your property with an agency that is not serious about the legal implications of getting it wrong. When it comes to price, legislative compliance is paramount to Toop&Toop.
Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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