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2010: Population, Rents and Home Prices to Rise.

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The final CommSec report for 2009, and a really easy to read summary that takes a few minutes to read and makes a lot of sence.

“CommSec expects home prices to rise by 8-10 per cent over 2010. Population continues to grow and not enough homes are being built. For investors, rising rents and home prices is an attractive combination.”, and the report briefly outlines its logic.

craigjameseconomicupdate.pdf (pdf)

Worth reading.

See you all in 2010, I am waiting for the latest RP Data wrap for the year so if it arrives I will post it for you.

Just as a final note, be sure you go to and see the last program for 2009 including a special segment “on the red Carpet”, a fun segment with Adelaide people you will definitely recognise. We have interviews with the State political leaders on Land Tax and Stamp Duty, Planning controls and a series of really important policy issues relating to SA property so subscribe for your reminders on if you are not in that loop already.

Have a wonderful New Years and see you in 2010,


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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Remarkable Year for Property Owners

InsideStory readers this is it for 2010. It has been a remarkable year for property owners with an unprecedented market turnaround creating sustainable growth. The Top End returned and we believe it will be solid throughout 2010, with much that was lost in the last quarter of 2008 clawed back over 2009.

In less than two weeks the First Home Owners Boost finishes and in the new year interest rates are set to head north further with many predicting a 0.5% rise in February. 2010 will see the return of the investor, a softening of the bottom end of the market and the pressure return to rentals. We will see some first home owners sell up, resulting in unhappiness in that market as opportunist investors flex their muscles.

Price sensitivity has been one of the standout features of this busy year Ð properties that were not priced correctly have not sold. The oversupply of properties in spring did not eventuate as sales were fast and furious, yet not ‘boom like’. Buyers may have less choice in the marketplace than this time last year, but they are showing great restraint even when faced with competition for the purchase. Off market sales have returned, multiple offers are again a feature of the market and with some spectacular exceptions, auctions are being strongly supported but considered.

This is the last weekend of opens for 2009. Selling now will be via online and from our VirtualAgent selling system, where we have 10,000 registered buyers waiting for the ideal home (buyers MUST register, log onto

Hot off the press... our 2010 properties are being showcased in full colour in our brand new Toop Weekly magazine! We have taken this publication to a whole new level with a new format, so be sure to pick up our bumper holiday edition... we hope you absolutely love it! Toop Weekly is available from all of our offices and our sales team.

Be sure to visit to watch some of our incredible interviews of 2009 and view many of SA’s Finest homes. Next Wednesday we have a Christmas edition going to air live and interactive with a special “on the red carpet” segment, capturing interviews with party goers... don’t miss it. We’ll be back live mid January with a fabulous line up for the year.

To all our clients, customers, friends, family and staff have a wonderful Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Year. Thank you so much for the loyalty and support you have shown Toop&Toop again this year, it is important to us and greatly appreciated.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

No holiday for the market !

Time’s Up Folks... just one more weekend of opens and that’s it for selling in 2009. So if you’re wanting to sell, what now?

During the Christmas New Year break it only takes a few days before buyers get hungry for property again. At Toop&Toop our team is well ‘seasoned’ and prepared for buyer enquiries throughout the holidays... especially on the Fleurieu. While many businesses are winding down our Victor office is ramping up, ready for their crazy time!

Thanks to new innovations we’re ensuring our clients don’t miss out on any selling opportunities, yet enjoy private time. This year we have been able to ramp up our online property information, as well as launching a totally new property magazine for Christmas & New Year - keep an eye out for it during the week.

This holiday season Toop&Toop will present properties better than ever before and make life so much easier for both sellers and buyers. Our online magazine, Toop Daily is real time and will remain totally up to date throughout the entire period... plus many properties are now showcased on Toop.TV. Having a complimentary property video viewable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at and downloadable by podcast, will take so much pressure off our clients over this period.

Although 2009 is coming to a close ToopTV video presentations are still available for our clients. Limited spots remain for our Christmas program. Sellers must act quickly as these are in hot demand.

To kick start 2010, we have launched our “January TURBO SALE program”. Designed to fast track sales it is extremely cost effective and high impact. January is a critical time when buyers lock in the ideal school for their children, which means securing a purchase or rental property prior to school enrolments closing.

Sellers MUST CALL over the weekend or Monday to get into our holiday marketing program. Capitalise on the phenomenal New Year period when interstate and busy locals get the time to look at property.

We have several awesome online initiatives ready to be introduced in 2010. A paradigm shift in real estate agency capabilities is occurring. Selling real estate in South Australia will be lifted to a new level next year. So today’s message is for those looking to sell as soon as possible, let’s hear from you today.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

The first time the RBA has ever lifted rates three months in a row

Hi InsideStory readers,

Here you go the latest CommSec report.

Some excerpts from the report to give you a feel for what it covers…..

The Reserve Bank (RBA) has increased interest rates for the third consecutive month – the first time it has ever lifted rates three months in a row. The cash rate was lifted from 3.50 per cent to 3.75 per cent.

􀂠 The RBA made two references to higher dwelling prices in the latest statement. The housing market will clearly be a central issue for the RBA in 2010.

What does it all mean?

• The latest rate hike will have its greatest impact on consumer sentiment & psychology rather than on household finances. According to the Commonwealth Bank more than 90 per cent of its home loan customers are ahead in their loan repayments. And while those who have taken out loans in the past six months may be up for higher repayments, few could say that they didn’t see it coming.

CommSec Report - Ecomonic Insights (pdf)

Enjoy the read, and remember to send you questions to and we will answer them every Wednesday Live and Interactive on the show, and blog them to you as well.


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Australians opt to better utilise their bigger homes

InsideStory followers,

CommSec pulled a great piece of research out of the hat this week and made really interesting reading. Here are some exerts from the report to tempt you to read on……

· NSW still has the biggest houses in Australia – and by a large margin. The size of the average new house built in NSW in 2008/09 was 262.9m², followed by Queensland (253.0m²), Victoria (249.5m²), Western Australia (243.9m²), ACT (239.4m²), Northern Territory (232.3m²), South Australia (195.2m²), and Tasmania (190.6m²).

· The other interesting figures released recently relate to housing mobility. The Bureau of Statistics report for the 2007/08 year show that less than half of all households had moved in the past five years to (43.4 per cent). Those that were more likely to have moved in the past five years were private renters (85 per cent) while only 15 per cent of homeowners without a mortgage had shifted premises and 42 per cent of those with a mortgage.

· When the same question was asked a decade ago, 73 per cent of people had moved house in the past five years. All groups had moved more often, including homeowners (56 per cent) and mortgagees (67 per cent).

So in simple terms, figures suggest that an extra 166,000 homes would have been needed had not Australians opted to better utilise their bigger homes over the year

CommSec Report - Economic Insights (pdf)

This summary report into house sizes is an easy read and worth taking a few minutes to look at. For real estate agents, the drop off in mobility will put a shiver down your back bone!!


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dynamics changing, but Adelaide's market healthy and stable.

Dominating real estate news this week: the Reserve Bank’s controversial third consecutive interest rate rise, Westpac’s instant move to drive rates even higher & the release of CommSec’s report into the size of Australian homes.

Westpac are leading the “pack” with their 0.45% hike in rates. Certainly disappointing, but is this the trigger investors have been waiting for to re-enter the market? RP Data’s view is... “The twenty five basis point rise from the Reserve Bank is likely to take the average variable rate up to 6.55%... This is still well below average levels which tend to be above 7% & significantly lower than the recent peak when mortgage rates were 9.6% in July & August last year.”

As the First Home Owners Boost ends this month & with interest rates moving up, the dynamics are changing quickly. Investors have been waiting for these events & InsideStory has been predicting them. We have already seen a softening of the sub $500,000 market as buyers have gone from “anxious & enthusiastic” to “cautious & conservative”. Meanwhile the top end of the market has been fast & furious, making up for the record low volumes this bracket experienced last Spring.

Consistent prices plus last month’s volume of auction & pre-auction sales at all levels, (even in the $3-$4 million range), reflect a healthy stable market. Buyers, a reminder to register for VIP advice on “off market” listings at

Now some highlights from RP Data’s Riskmark Monthly report & CBA’s CommSec Research Report released this week.

RP Data
“Over the first ten months of 2009, Australian home values have risen by 10% following on from their 3.8% peak-to-trough falls in 2008. Over the year-to-date Melbourne has been Australia’s best performing capital city, delivering capital gains of +14.9%. Sydney is up by nearly 1% per month with cumulative growth of 9.9%... most of the other capital cities have performed strongly with Darwin (+12.7%) leading the way, followed by Canberra (+11%), Brisbane (+6.9%), Perth (+6.1%)
& Adelaide (+4.6%).”

“Australian homes are biggest in the world. Data commissioned by CommSec from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the average floor area of new homes hit a record high of 214.6m² in the last financial year... the average size of new homes started in the US stood at 201.5m².

For the first time in at least a century, the number of persons per household rose during the 2007/08 year from 2.51 to 2.56 persons... If the size of the average household continues to rise, there will be reduced demand for new houses & apartments.”

The terrific news is that Adelaide’s market continues to be stable, consistent & reliable... you can’t ask for more than that! To read the full reports go to

Why not get even more involved in the world of real estate? We are “live & interactive” every Wednesday at 1pm on, answering your property questions live plus those sent in to This week’s show was compulsive property viewing including a sensational interview with RP Data’s David Williams & Toop&Toop’s own Peter Veitch. If you missed us live, this broadcast is now available to view or download as a podcast at

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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A report for those keen to remain very informed..

InsideStory subscribers,

This is a big report and takes some absorbing. Today we interviewed David Williams, Executive General Manager of RP Data on ToopTV, so to hear and see that interview, go to from Thursday afternoon as the interview will be available for viewing or downloading as a pod cast.

RPDataRiskmarkNov09.pdf (pdf)

This report is perfect for those keen to remain very informed.

We will be posting a number of great reports this week.

Enjoy the read,


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009


A national showdown between the real estate industry and public portals such as and seems almost inevitable now as the race for on line dominance goes to a new level.

Actually outright war is possible.
Actually outright war is probably more likely as the greatest fear of an entire industry starts to become a reality. The power of public portals and their ability to capture data is on the cusp of changing all the rules and the age old promise that only real estate agents will have access to advertise on them has been circumnavigated, but who really is being fooled??

A company called “My Home is For Sale” now boasts “We are an online real estate agency that offers vendors 95% of typical selling costs if the owner is prepared to hold an open inspection.” Then it goes on to brag about advertising on “all the top industry sites” in an ad and names the two above.

So what is the inside story on this. Well my guess is that because the REI’s are all getting back on track and rebuilding their own web sites the gloves are off. In Adelaide we have seen REISA adopt as it’s preferred member web site and this is owned by agents and pretty much is imported from REIV (Victoria’s REI).

My assessment is that because has put up it’s rates to such an extent, that decisions by agents and sellers have to be made about online verses paper advertising. It was never an issue because online was so cheap. As you can see with the weekend press, we still get amazing results from the press and we have found that it is becoming like TV and Radio, they both play a very important role at different times in the sale. We previously reported what was happening in the USA with online and explained that consumers are ultimately driving the agenda by wanting their marketing done cheaply.

So what are my thoughts? I think real estate agents are at cross roads. In the USA the winners are the heavily resources “FULL SERVICE” agents (franchise and Independent) on the one hand, and then the cheap virtually sell yourself partial service agents on the other. Fewer sit in the middle, and full service highly resourced independent agents are where Toop&Toop have focussed in our USA studies as they are flourishing (and commanding 5 to 6% fees!!!!!). Toop&Toop have used technology to keep client fees competitive even when comparing apples and oranges but what is clear, the discount based agencies are weak and disappearing. These “sell yourself” agencies are staring to take over that discount partial service part of the market.

No private seller can have the power and reach of what we do at Toop&Toop, and the laws are now so complex that private sellers will have to spend a fortune covering them against getting sued. Most normal mums and dads buyers do not like the negotiation process and really have no idea on such large transactions.

Personally bring it on, let the consumer pick what they are after. The only losers here are the agents that don’t really offer much. Sellers who want to save a few dollars are no different to the white collar person who thinks they are a carpenter or bricky and invariably end up realising that hopefully before it costs them tens of thousands of dollars.

With online, well as you know, we set our own agenda at Toop&Toop…be sure to see last Wednesday’s ToopTV available now on line and on pod cast. We had a sensational interview with Brenton Eden, the State co-ordinator for CFS about fire proofing your property. This coming Wednesday at 1 pm tune in live and interactive and hear how to chop off the back of your block, and how to deal with boundary disputes. Email us now with your questions on!

Remember all the reports available at

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

RBA stresses no timetable for rate hikes: CommSec

InsideStory subscribers

This CommSec report talks about interest rates so I guess it will be of interest to all property owners.

CommSec Report - Ecomonic Insights (pdf)

Don’t forget to go to and check out our weekly real estate show/program. We are improving it every week and the content is starting to really become valuable. Next Wednesday we have a segment on protecting your asset and your lives in the bushfire season.

Any topics that you are interested in please let me know, and we can answer any questions live and interactive or by email on Wednesdays, which is available on Thursday by way of pod cast or in our archive of shows.

Some great new on line innovations yet to be announced this year!!

Stay out of the heat,

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Cost of Renting = Cost of Owning: RPData

InsideStory Subscribers,

This is an awesome report that I have sat on for too long and I have only just got a chance to read. I apologise for being a week getting it to you but frankly this is one excellent report you may want to keep in your files, especially if you love property.

RPData - Nov12 (pdf)

I must get the guys from RP Data to come onto ToopTV again and talk to this, we had Tim Lawless 3 weeks ago giving us an update on the state of the market..

Next weeks ToopTV is a pretty full show but let’s see what we can do, be sure to send any questions through to me and we will get all the answers for you.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Jobs, jobs and more jobs: CommSec Report

Dear InsideStory subscriber

We have run our Saturday InsideStory article off the back of this report, and the relivance of Jobs to property owners.

Have a read of my article to see the importance of this information. In a nut shell, no jobs, no confidence…No Confidence, no demand for property.



Important Information
The summary and attached report has been prepared without taking account of the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular individual. For this reason, any individual should, before acting on the information in this report, consider the appropriateness of the information, having regard to the individual’s objectives, financial situation and needs and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice. In the case of certain securities Commonwealth Bank of Australia is or may be the only market maker.

Jobs, jobs and more jobs
Labour Force
· A solid increase in employment has put another rate hike a step closer. Employment rose by 24,500 in October. Part time jobs rose by 21,500 while full-time jobs rose by 2,900.
· The unemployment rate rose from 5.7 per cent to 5.8 per cent. CommSec expects the unemployment rate to peak at around 6 – a far better result than in previous downturns.
· Aggregate hours worked fell by 0.1 per cent in October and hours were down by just 1.4 per cent over the year.
What does it all mean?
· Australia is truly living up to its mantle as the wonder from down-under. Overall 24,500 jobs were created in October – a phenomenal result considering that in September the domestic labour market recorded the best job gains in two years.
· The latest round of employment data highlights the underlying resilience of the domestic labour market. And while the gains have been mostly in part-time employment, it is clearly encouraging, and suggests that full time employment should rebound in coming months as the economic recovery gains traction.
· Interestingly the unemployment rate has remained persistently sticky in recent months, hovering at just 5.8 per cent. As we have stated over the past few months the peak in unemployment is just around the corner. And the latest data has added more weight to that view. The jobless rate looks like peaking at around six per cent
· A key forward indicator that highlights the improvement in labour market conditions is that hours worked aren’t being cut to the same extent as earlier in the year. Also an important point to note is that not only is the jobless rate far lower than in previous downturns but the participation rate is far higher, even despite the marginal fall in the latest month. In other words more people are holding onto jobs compared with previous downturns.
· Last week’s Reserve Bank monetary policy statement hinted at the improvement in labour market conditions and the employment sub index in business survey earlier this week confirmed that business are back in the early stages of re-hiring. As the economic recovery improves and business capital expenditure plans are brought back, employers will have confidence to start hiring again.
· Importantly the improvement in job security will not be lost on consumers. Less fear about losing their jobs will no doubt see a pickup in retail spending and overall economic activity – in effect a self fulfilling prophecy and clearly another reason why the Reserve Bank believes that a return to trend growth is on the cards.
· It appears almost certain that the Reserve Bank will break tradition and raise rates for the third consecutive month in December. The Reserve Bank does have the option of not raising rates, however the data over the last couple of weeks has been surprising strong. Keep in mind that the Reserve Bank does not hold its next meeting till February, so it may just be that the central bank raises rates in December and takes a well deserved break over Christmas.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Heatwave, Jobs and Rates.

Heatwave... still rolls on. I had a theory that internet enquiries would go through the roof with buyers electing to do their research from air conditioned comfort... not the case. The internet stats are HUGE & growing, but no actual hot weather spike. We did also discovered that the FHOG wind back on October 1st had no impact on web traffic.
Gardens; a sigh of relief as commonsense prevails on watering restrictions, well done Pollies, you got it right & headed off a tragedy for our housing environment.

An 8% lift in the number of open inspections advertised last weekend remains a whopping 40+% below last spring! The heatwave may be effecting numbers but my guess is that last weekend’s additional 115 opens are a result of the hectic pace of sales beginning to slow over the past week.

A reminder that the first home owners boost (FHOB) finishes at year end & that rates are widely tipped to be going up for the 3rd consecutive month in December! Given the Reserve Bank do not meet in January it seems almost inevitable that we’ll see another 0.25% rise (or approx $21 per month per $100,000) in December. This represents $14 per week for the average housing loan.

We have previously talked a lot about CONFIDENCE being the big driver of the property market. Confidence is directly impacted by job security. No job, no money, no confidence, & so the latest news on employment is important.

This week we posted CommSec’s report headed JOBS, JOBS & more JOBS. Here are some excerpts from the report.

- A solid increase in employment has put another rate hike a step closer, with 24,500 new jobs created in October.
- The unemployment rate rose from 5.7% to 5.8%. CommSec expects the unemployment rate to peak at around 6% a far better result than in previous downturns.
- Importantly the improvement in job security will not be lost on consumers. Less fear about losing their jobs...
- It appears almost certain that the Reserve Bank will break tradition & raise rates for the third consecutive month in December.

Interest rates remain at historic lows, unemployment is peaking & there is a shortage of property... mmmm, have to say these are good symptoms for real estate. Rob Chapman MD of Bank SA released their Trends report this week stating “SA has the lowest debt to income ratio of any mainland state”.

We have always recognised that we are a conservative lot; well our conservatism has given us a payback it would seem.

Week in Summary... the heat has impacted open numbers; sales remain strong; prices are stable; overpriced property is not selling; multiple offers are common; off market sales are strong; time is running out to list & sell in 2009!

Don’t forget Wednesday live & interactive, with podcast available Thursday. This week Mark Lewis gave his InsideStory into finance, plus we had great footage in ‘Behind the Blinds’. If you have any real estate questions send them to & we will reply live each week.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

One in a 100 years!

Spring Heatwave!!

One in a 100 years!

The spring heatwave had a cooling effect on the market over the past week, with attendances down at inspections and the edge being taken off buyers. We will never know if this “cooling” of attendances relates to last week's interest rate rise, but I doubt it. Whenever we have a sudden burst of unpleasantly hot weather at the start of the summer season, people seem to get tired and can become challenging, however we remain confident the selling season will run strong until Christmas. The reason for this confidence relates to the unseasonable lack of new properties hitting the market, combined with the high pace of sales this spring.
As you may know, Toop&Toop run a sophisticated database and have essentially created publishing software. This enables us to directly communicate, via various mediums, with buyers, sellers and renters. As a result, we know exactly what is happening with the market. Here are some interesting statistics to consider on the number of new buyers entering the market;

1. November 09 tracking 11% above November last year

2. October 09 statistically equal to October 08

3. September 09, 20% more new buyers than September 08

4. August 09, 13% less registrations compared to August 08.

Now some more trivia.

In the first 4 weeks of going to air Toop.TV has had viewers from 7 countries and 11 cities around Australia... not bad for a brand new real estate program. China has been the standout with 11 viewers tuning in to watch the show. Our sellers get their property in front of these international viewers in a very impressive way! Remember www.Toop.TV is live every Wednesday at 1pm, available 24/7 for viewing online plus downloadable as a pod cast. The show is really starting to bed in now. We are ensuring we have plenty of great news plus newly listed, pre-release properties for you.

It has been remarkable to see how consistent the buyer numbers have remained through out the GFC; currently the total registered active buyers are holding firm within a few % and as of Wednesday this week they totalled 9900. The number of open inspections actually fell last weekend... which is unheard of at this time of the year. As we mentioned last week, if you intend selling this year you really need to list your property NOW.

More innovative online products are on the way, stay tuned for some “serious fun” when looking for property with Toop&Toop. With and these new products, we are putting fun into buying SA property.
Be sure you register for Toop.TV reminders, for InsideStory and copies of this weekend’s ad 2 days early as well as lots of new property information. To receive any of these log onto

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CommSec Research: RBA warns housing supply threatens prosperity

Dear InsideStory Subscriber

“…..if the constraints to housing supply are not addressed by governments and lenders then economic prosperity will be threatened….” Says CommSec.

CommSec Report - Ecomonic Insights (pdf)

Sorry about the delay posting this report but it is a good read and CommSec are pretty much on the ball. Do not forget to go to and see the latest episode of Behind the Blinds and SA’s Finest, a property being launched next week in Unley Park.


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Favourite home: RBA lifts rates by 25 basis points

Melbourne Cup saw another rate rise from the Reserve Bank of 25 basis points - lower than the expected 50 basis point rise, which is good news for home owners.
Here's what the team at CommSec had to say...

CommSec Report - Ecomonic Insights (pdf)

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Reality Check

InsideStory subscribers

Here we go with the latest CommSec report, and this is the first report in weeks with a negative tone.

It is short and a quick read.

CommSec Report - Ecomonic Insights (pdf)


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Huge week;Reserve Bank again dominating the calendar.

InsideStory subscribers, here is the November CommSec report, a great summary of activity.

Here are a few quotes from the report….

We expect the Reserve Bank to lift the cash rate by 25 basis points (quarter of a percent) on Tuesday. Data over the past month shows continued recovery of the domestic economy….”

The sharemarket bulls may not agree, but the past week has represented a healthy period of consolidation for the market….”

“Overall, there is an expectation amongst financial market participants of a gradual lift in interest rates over the coming year with the 12-month OIS rate at 4.53 per cent….”

Commsec: Investor Signposts (pdf)

Worth a read, brief and to the point.


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Australia looking good in global housing stakes

Dear InsideStory subscriber,

This week we go live on Toop.TV with Tim Lawless of RP Data. In the live to air telephone interview we discuss the report into Australia’s property performance on the International stage. We also look at the relative performance of Units to detached housing, both very interesting reports, and a great interview.

PropertyPulse (pdf)
Units catching up (pdf)

I hope you have been to to have a look. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 1pm to see it live, or subscribe to the podcast available Wednesday night from

Enjoy the read,

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Great Recovery

Dear InsideStory subscribers,

The latest CommSec report again is so positive. With the rebound of the stock market there is more money injected back into the system and real estate has also shown some extraordinary strength, and resilience. I expect some profit taking will result in more money flowing across into property investments as investors look to the safety of property.

The Great Recovery - CommSec (pdf)

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Latest in auction clearance rates

Dear InsideStory subscribers,

This is hot off the press, the latest in auction clearance rates from around the country. This is a must read as it is definitely a market pulse, and very current.

RPData-Property Pulse (pdf)

Enjoy the read

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Latest thinking on interest rate movement

Today’s CommSec report covers the latest thinking on interest rate movement and some thoughts on inflation. Naturally, these two topics are linked. This report is not specific to property in this report but I thought we would post it for the information relating to interest rate movements.

CommSec Economic Insights (pdf)

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Review of coastal properties- statistics.

RP Data report on Coastal Property was widely publicised in the press and covered a review of Coastal property. It is a very good read and I recommend you have a look at this.

RPData-Property Pulse (pdf)

Coastal properties clearly suffered from the Global Financial Crisis and there are compelling statistics in this report.

For more detail on this we are discussing coastal property live on www.toop.TV at 1pm Wednesday 21st October. A podcast will be available on by the end of the day if you miss it live.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Sensational article for South Australia

State of the States, what a sensational article for South Australia, and a terrific confidence boost to see this kind of report about South Australia’s economy placing us in second place to Tasmania..

CommSec- State of the States (pdf)

I must say, I am staggered at the level of sales and confidence being shown this spring in the property sector. Sales are strong and we have not had the accumulation of property stocks that I predicted for Spring 09.

The next 2 weeks will be interesting, we did anticipate a massive flood of property onto the market over the last weeks of October and first weeks of November. Not long to wait!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Toop.TV arrives!

On the bus, on the train or at the officeÉToop&Toop is now bringing you the latest property news live or on the run thanks to breaking technology. Finding your perfect home whether renting or buying is much easier than “the good ole days” technology applied to real estate is exciting & moving very fast.

After 2 years watching the costs come down & advances in technology we believe the timing is right & that we have worked up the right model. This is an Industry first Toop.TV (officially) went live to air on Wednesday the 14th October at 1pm. Now buyers, sellers & renters have access to the very latest property information plus live access to the property experts with our interactive help desk & show. Toop.TV is 100% produced by Toop&Toop employing all South Australians, using local talent & technology. We promise we will answer even the hard questions. This is an extension of the highly successful InsideStory. Toop.TV will be driven & evolved by your feedback.

The facts. Initially Toop.TV will be broadcast weekly each Wednesday at 1pm. Podcasts will be available shortly after each live show for your convenience & an indexed library will be available at Toop.TV, for future reference. The initial line-up includes InsideStory Live, Behind The Blinds (out & about at opens & auctions), Investors&Renters, Adelaide’s Property A List, a look inside South Australia’s best properties for sale, Community Chest for any Community news & finally AskToopie, our interactive segment.

With coaching from television experts we have attempted to ensure the content is interesting, informative & relevant to consumers. The majority of the show will focus on properties. We will feature properties not previously released to the market, properties currently available & ready for viewing, plus we have an exclusive top end segment showing one or more of Adelaide’s Property A list providing you with a look inside the best of the best homes that South Australia has to offer.

The timing of the live show was determined by you. Our Toop online statistics clearly point to this time. Wednesday at 1pm consistently spikes with the highest online traffic for the entire week.

Be sure to say G-Day to our
Toop.TV reporter Elise who will be out & about today interviewing buyers & renters on current market issues. Have some fun & be a part of our BEHIND THE BLINDS segment.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rate hikes on the agenda : Commsec Economic Insights

The Latest CommSec report has some implications for property owners with the interesting comments on both employment and also Interest rates.

Spring is looking good so far and be sure you get a look at our Toop.TV tomorrow at 1pm on

CommSec- Enconomic Insights (pdf)

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

RBA press release: rates rise.

Hi InsideStory subscribers, if you haven’t yet seen the RBA press release and details of the interest rate rise of 0.25%, here it is for you.


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

No: 2009-23Date: 6 October 2009Embargo: For Immediate Release

At its meeting today, the Board decided to raise the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.25 per cent, effective 7 October 2009.
The global economy is resuming growth. With economic policy settings likely to remain expansionary for some time, the recovery will likely continue during 2010 and forecasts are being revised higher. The expansion is generally expected to be modest in the major countries, due to the continuing legacy of the financial crisis. Prospects for Australia’s Asian trading partners appear to be noticeably better. Growth in China has been very strong, which is having a significant impact on other economies in the region and on commodity markets. For Australia’s trading partner group, growth in 2010 is likely to be close to trend.
Sentiment in global financial markets has continued to improve. Nonetheless, the state of balance sheets in some major countries remains a potential constraint on their expansion.
Economic conditions in Australia have been stronger than expected and measures of confidence have recovered. Some spending has probably been brought forward by the various policy initiatives. As those effects diminish, these areas of demand may soften somewhat. Some types of capital spending are likely to be held back for a while by financing constraints, but it now appears that private investment will not be as weak as earlier expected. Medium-term prospects for investment appear, moreover, to be strengthening. Higher dwelling activity and public infrastructure spending is also starting to provide more support to spending. Overall, growth through 2010 looks likely to be close to trend.
Unemployment has not risen as far as had been expected. The weaker demand for labour over the past year or so nonetheless has seen a moderation in labour costs. Helped by this and the earlier fall in energy and commodity prices, inflation has been declining, though measures of underlying inflation remained higher than the target on the latest reading. Underlying inflation should continue to moderate in the near term, but now will probably not fall as far as earlier thought.
Housing credit growth has been solid and dwelling prices have risen appreciably over the past six months. Business borrowing has been declining, as companies have sought to reduce leverage in an environment of tighter lending standards. But large firms have had good access to equity capital and access to debt markets appears to be improving, helped by the better-than-expected economic conditions and increased willingness on the part of investors to accept risk. Share markets have recovered significant ground.
Interest rates facing prospective borrowers on fixed-rate loans have already risen to some extent, as markets have anticipated a higher level of the cash rate. For many business borrowers, increases in risk margins will still be occurring for some time yet. In addition, the exchange rate has appreciated considerably over the past year, which will dampen pressure on prices and constrain growth in the tradeables sector. These factors have been carefully considered by the Board.
In late 2008 and early 2009, the cash rate was lowered quickly, to a very low level, in expectation of very weak economic conditions and a recognition that considerable downside risks existed. That basis for such a low interest rate setting has now passed, however. With growth likely to be close to trend over the year ahead, inflation close to target and the risk of serious economic contraction in Australia now having passed, the Board’s view is that it is now prudent to begin gradually lessening the stimulus provided by monetary policy. This will work to increase the sustainability of growth in economic activity and keep inflation consistent with the target over the years ahead.


Dr Philip Lowe Assistant Governor (Economic) Reserve Bank of AustraliaSYDNEY
Dr Guy Debelle Assistant Governor (Financial Markets) Reserve Bank of AustraliaSYDNEY

+61 2 9551 8800
+61 2 9551 8200

Media OfficeInformation DepartmentReserve Bank of AustraliaSYDNEY

+61 2 9551 9720

+61 2 9551 8033


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Interest rates are again the hot topic.

Hi InsideStory subscribers,

More upbeat reporting from CommSec!! I must say that there are some great signs but an immediate turnaround must be treated with caution, but enjoy some more good indicators for now.

Investor Signposts: Week Beginning October 4 2009 by CommSec (pdf)


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seasonal vacancy rates blow out. Selling this year? time is running out!

Rental Crisis abates as seasonal vacancy rates blow out, relieving pressure on tenants while landlord’s control on the market returns to the long term normal. We constantly hear about the housing shortage and while that must be true (everyone says it is), just at the moment there is little evidence of this.

The rental market is subject to seasonal fluctuations more than sales. Interstate moves are more prolific during the summer months and the school terms play a significant role in the timing of a rental move. So what is the issue?? Last year rental properties were at record low vacancy rates, and rental prices were rising as a consequence. It was common to have applications over the asking rent and we even heard about tenants bidding for properties. Given rentals spiked in spring last year and tenancy agreements generally run for 12 months, there will be some cases where rents will be realigned to today’s more balanced conditions.

The impact of the first home owner’s bonus has played a part as well. The lead up to the 30th September wind back has created a bubble of additional vacancies which comes on top of the seasonal impacts. From our figures, 28% of current vacant properties have been a direct consequence of first home buyers breaking leases.

Vacancy rates across Adelaide are currently tracking around 1% up on their lows and are as follows:

Coast - 2.2%

Northern - 1.2%

West - 1.35%

East - 2%

City/South - 3%

Hills - 2%

The rental market is considered as in balance when the vacancy rates sit at 2%.

The sales market is really great for agents and sellers at present and sales are fast and furiousÉ again, it is not a boom as when a property is not price aligned to the market it will just sit there. In the boom, even overpriced properties were selling.

The AFL Grand final is behind us, long weekend and school holidays are nextÉ then the spring story will begin in earnest. Call one of the team ASAP if you want to sell this year, time is running out.

Remember, some fantastic Q&A can be found at

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Monday, September 28, 2009

Biggest increase in wealth in four years; Super fund cash holdings at record highs- CommSec Economics

Hi InsideStory readers,

I think if you are feeling a bit down, and want a lift, read this report.

CommSec Economic Insights 25-9-09

Wow, the optimism is uplifting. There is talk of where all the cash will go, let’s hope it ends up in property!


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Home sales surge - CommSec Report.

Hi InsideStory Readers

So here is more excellent news showing strong signs of recovery and property is looking great.

If you believe the shortage of supply, and the peaking of unemployment, providing the Reserve Bank doesn’t ramp up interest rates it is all good.

You will find some excellent information for those following the property market in this report.

CommSec- Enconomic Insights (pdf)


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Investigating ways we can further optimise sale results under extreme conditions

Thank you for your positive feedback on last week’s USA Study Tour 09 report. For those that missed it, we reported from the frontline of the USA property market. Genevieve Toop (Bachelor of Business - Marketing) accompanied me on this trip during which we learned a great deal, and not just about the market conditions. Most importantly (for Toop clients), we investigated ways we can further optimise sale results under extreme conditions. Hopefully as an outcome our clients will receive further enhanced services within weeks!

I noticed while I was away there has been some huff & puff about who is the king of the TOP end market in Adelaide. Interesting to compare the way the Real Estate Agents in the USA compete as compared to our own local market. Gen and I got a ‘behind the scenes’ look into the prestige operators in California and saw first hand the points of difference in the way they provide service. Now we are reviewing the information and compiling an implementation plan of anything worth adopting.

Basically due to the fees the real estate agents receive in the USA all ‘new’ concepts to our market need to be viewed and tested locally against sustainability and any cultural differences. To provide perspective; In the USA one half of one sale a month results in an annual income of approximately $200k. In South Australia agents essentially do 8 times that (4 entire sales ie handle both buyer & seller) to achieve the same annual income. There is an important difference with how the commissions work. Apart from the fact that in the USA they get approximately 3 times as much, the real estate sales person pays the marketing costs of every property. This one, seemingly irrelevant difference is driving a massive shift to online marketing…more on that later.

Our challenge has always been to systemise & streamline the real estate process to see how close we can get to their intimate service levels, while maintaining enough sales to exist. From previous trips our VirtualAgent selling system was born, automating communication to consumers. There are a lot who whinge about real estate agents in Australia, but those whingers, I assume, have no concept of how tough and low margin this business really is. We are an industry running largely on perception and bravado of success. We all run around in fancy cars and suits to ensure we exude confidence - the same applies in the USA. Only an elite few actually make serious money. Despite the 6% fees paid in the USA, agents are currently dropping out of the industry in BIG numbers.

Online advertising of property is MASSIVE in the States. Print is dying at a rapid rate, not through normal evolution but as a direct consequence of the changed market conditions and the way commissions are managed. Sales people personally pay all marketing costs and, given the long selling times, cannot afford the luxury of print advertising. Pretty simple, the less they spend selling a property, the more they get to keep.

Property publications were thick books 2 years ago, they are now VERY thin. Press ads are under extreme stress. We spoke to a lot of agents and with two exceptions they had, or were currently, exiting the papers. Clearly this was driven by costs to the sales person and not directly related to what the customer wanted. They are in survival mode. The premium end of the market has remained the strongest advocates of print.

Our investment in marketing technology is really paying off. We are moving up a notch and I am spurred on by what I have seen. We visited the ‘best of the best’ in California and no one has an in-house IT team the size of ours, nor anything that compares with our online marketing systems, and from what we saw we are way ahead in the online mobile space. Given this includes the best operators in the Silicon Valley we are more than happy to be challenged on this. Without being silly, I am confident Toop&Toop are the world leaders in online real estate marketing at the moment.

Back home…sellers, we have had a huge run of sales and are short of stock, we want to hear from you urgently. While we enjoy the profile associated with our reputation of TOP END sales excellence, we are strong across the entire price spectrum; it is just that you never hear about those successes in the paper. Remember, thanks to our technology and systems, it costs no more to have the best!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Monday, September 21, 2009

Prices have stopped falling: REIA Real News Iss. 36.

Hi InsideStory subscribers, here is a Real Estate Institute of Australia report that contains some top line info on National prices and some links to Westpac business confidence report and to the Reserve Bank report.

The Real News, Issue 36 (pdf)

Also you will see the Mortgage Choice feedback that investors are about to enter the market after the first home bonus winds back starting on the 1st October 09.

Only 3 pages so quick and easy!

I have a great deal of news on the USA property market from interviews and discussions with the industry over the past 2 weeks. There are opportunities over there if anyone wants to have a play. Go to if you want any specific feedback.


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Monday, September 14, 2009

Has the jobless rate peaked? (Commsec)

Latest update on employment rates from CommSec, with unemployment levels remaining steady at 5.8% through August.

Has the jobless rate peaked?: CommSec Report Sept 14(PDF)

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

the market is about to get busy; volumes of sales and buyers set to increase.

With the first weeks of Spring behind us, we’re yet to see the traditional flood of properties hitting the market. Good news for sellers with less competing properties for a little while longer! According to RP Data’s Tim Lawless, the market is about to get busy. The analyst’s Market Activity Index is showing that a strong ramp up in Adelaide’s property market is expected through to the end of the year, with volumes of sales and buyers set to increase. The first 6 months of ’09 saw Adelaide transactions increase by around 8%, below the national level of 15% due to a slight ‘hangover’ from the mini boom in ’07. On the frontline it’s looking positive and appears we may not experience a ‘whitewash’ of the market as in Spring ’08. Sellers – there’s still time to make the most of this market, so get to it!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Friday, September 04, 2009

Big Sales... Big News.

Some big sales are happening & we have had a clean out of properties with the phenomenal winter '09 season, one of the best we have ever seen. As we reported last month, Toop&Toop recorded the largest number of July sales we have EVER had! August was also huge & we’re waiting for the final contracts to be processed to see just how well it went. With sales this strong, all owners should celebrate the return of confidence to property.

Here is an example. Last weekend we had 10 registered buyers for a $2million property at Glenside with competitive bidding taking the final sale price 10% over the reserve, now that is as good as it gets! The result is 1 happy buyer & 9 active “ready to go” buyers who are left looking for a home (actually we have a total of 1014 buyers looking over $1.5million). So if you have a large property… we need to hear from you.

This week we posted the latest CBA, CommSec & RP Data reports on The RP Data “National Home Value Indices” headline reported a 5.9% national growth in house prices. South Australia had the lowest growth at 1.9%, but in our view we remain the State with the most stable property prices & a safe haven for investors.

Windback - $14,000… Countdown - 27 days

Remember to go GREEN if you are a first home buyer. Turn to our page that is all green to find your new home, or better still if you have an iPhone, log onto Safari & go to We launched fun yet powerful ToopPA, essentially your own personal assistant to assist you find your new home.

Responsible Agency Practice. I am pleased to say that Toop&Toop has brought forward as much Spring stock as we could with tremendous success. This has not only helped optimise our client’s sale results but will help reduce the negative impact of oversupply in late Spring. The other dynamic to watch out for is SPRING DUMPING of properties on the market. DUMPING occurs when an agency stockpiles properties & then suddenly DUMPS IT on the market in an attempt to look impressive & kick start THEIR spring season. This is a dangerous, outdated strategy & irresponsible for property sellers. We hope it will not occur this year.

Interest rates were on hold again this month, thank goodness. The concern is the prediction that rates will rise very soon, most likely in November. The other issue brewing for property owners relates to Capital Gains Tax, we will look at that soon.

Over the next 2 weeks I am doing my 3 yearly tour of the USA real estate industry. All being well I will provide you with the InsideStory on market conditions direct from the States on the 19th. I also look forward to bringing you the latest marketing & sales techniques from the toughest prestige markets in the USA.

Plenty of reports to look through this week.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Leaving the gloom behind: CommSec Report

Hi InsideStory Subscribers,

Leaving the gloom behind: CommSec Report Sept09(PDF)

Yes CommSec 1st September 09 report and just 3 pages. If you are wanting to have a lift, read this, all good!.


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

For your interest: CBA Month in Review

Hi InsideStory subscribers,

This is a 13 page review from CBA which is more general Financial Review and NOT directly related to real estate.

CBA-Month in Review August 2009(PDF)

We do not normally include general reports like this but some of you may be keen to have a read.



Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

South Australian property market: all about stability.

Here is the latest from RP Data on house values around the country.
RP Data Rismark Home Value Index August 312009.pdf (PDF)

Adelaide is on the bottom of the growth chart at 1.9% Year to Date July 09, BUT keep in mind we did not get the negative growth experienced by the other Capital’s. This serves as a reminder yet again of just how stable our South Australian property market is.

Great reading,

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Friday, August 28, 2009

Video: InsideStory 28th August 2009

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Adelaide: 1 of only 3 capital cities to be in +ve territory, RPData

The latest report on Australia’s property market shows some interesting trends on the rental front.

You will note that Adelaide was one of only 3 capital cities to be in positive territory, but it has softened from the zero vacancy rates of 6 months ago.

The new “Market Activity Index” is going to be a great forecast tool and there are details of that in this weeks report.

Market Activity Index launched:

Enjoy the read and do not forget to get your iPhone out and have a play with Toop&Toop’s new technology. Try it by going to Safari Browser on the iPhone, enter and then book mark it by touching the little + on the bottom of the screen... and away you go. The more you play, the more you will discover!

Enjoy…and call us to sell or rent out your property!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Friday, August 21, 2009

National auction clearance rates and Time On Market info: by RPDATA

Hi InsideStory Readers

Here is the RP Data report covering this week National auction clearance rates and some information on “time on market” which may interest some home sellers.

PropertyPulse by RPData 140809(PDF)


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Investor Signposts By CommSec

I was fortunate enough to see the CommSec Chief Economist Craig James for breakfast this week thanks to our friends at the Commonwealth Bank and I must say it was very motivating.

After so much doom and gloom for so long Craig painted a pretty upbeat picture on South Australia and explained the interest rate situation very clearly.

I have attached a concise, easy read from CommSec. In just two pages it covers in particular the questions relating to future interest rate movements. Previous InsideStory reports contain a lot of this information including the report from the Governor of the Reserve Bank, but this report is concise and to the point.

CommSec Investor Signposts: Week beginning August 23(pdf)

Print it off, sure to be handy for the dinner party discussions.

Enjoy the read,

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This week's InsideStory

InsideStory is a hard sell this week, sorry!

Toop&Toop, an icon 100% South Australian family business ask for your support. As one of the very few remaining 100% South Australian Born, Bred, Owned & Operated real estate Brands, we need your referrals, your houses to sell & rent. In return we will be able to increasingly invest in our community, including programs such as our Toop Academy, helping to keep our kids in S.A.

Sellers, spring 09 has begun early & we need your properties right now. Success for a real estate agent is about having the houses to sell (& rent). While having the buyer is critical, it is the seller with their listings that drive the business. For buyers we developed VirtualAgent, a patented multi award winning selling system to help buyers find that perfect property... BUT you have to register with us! Toop&Toop is the most innovative real estate agency in Australia, with arguably the greatest selling horsepower of any real estate group in the Country. We have 10,000 managed active buyers from around the globe. Toop&Toop’s vision is to be a REMARKABLE ORGANISATION... from our sales success to our involvement in the Community.

A market research paper a few years ago summed it up...“it really is a matter of Toop&Toop & the rest”.

International & interstate brands have gobbled up personalities & identities of old. Real estate is becoming bland & process driven. Call it progress or call it BIG MULTINATIONAL BUSINESS, passion has turned to profit as the characters also disappear. Supermarket real estate agencies have a major place in real estate but companies like Toop&Toop ensure customers get a choice.

Have confidence in Toop&Toop’s 24 year history of excellence. We have grown to be the largest independent real estate agent in the State & one of the largest in the Nation. This is a 100% family business. We have the Networks, the resources & horse power to access Global & National markets & have an amazing profile Nationally thanks to the success we have shown the Industry on the National Stage. Toop&Toop are the ONLY REISA HALL OF FAME inductees, the ONLY real estate Family Business Association of Australia HALL OF FAME inductees, & only one of two real estate agents to ever win the Australian Real Estate Institute REIA Agency of the Year Awards of Excellence. ( log on to ).

Toop&Toop understand we are not prefect however we lead the country. Thanks to our technology break throughs, & contrary to what competitors may have you believe, when it comes to real estate it COSTS NO MORE TO HAVE THE BEST.

Buyers, be sure you register your requirements with Toop&Toop (log onto Our 7 offices work as one, so we can email, SMS or call you with any new properties that come onto the market, often just hours after it happens. Once registered, we will treat you as our VIP.

Support your own home grown 100% South Australian businesses as we support you, call our team to sell or rent your property.

The hard sell is over, & next week it is back to the InsideStory.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Monday, August 17, 2009

Housing affordability speeches by RBA's ANTHONY RICHARDS

Hi InsideStory Subscribers.

Yesterday I was Joint Key Note speaker at the Commonwealth Bank “Private Bank” breakfast and Michael Workman was flown in from Sydney (Michael Workman, Senior Economist, Institutional Banking and Markets) to provide some insight into the market.

Michael referred to particularly useful information from Anthony Richards. I thought it would be great to give you the links to these speeches in case you are interested.

Subject: Housing affordability speeches by RBA's ANTHONY RICHARDS, Head of Economic Analysis Department

Conditions and Prospects in the Housing Sector
26 March 2009-04-01

2. Some Observations on the Cost of Housing in Australia1

27 March 2008

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Friday, August 14, 2009

BIS Shrapnel Long-term Forecast - from "TheRealNews" by REIA

I have not been posting the Real Estate Institutes reports on the InsideStory up until now but when an interesting report that is focussed on the cosumer generally comes through, we will.

This is the latest that arrived a few moments ago and feel free to give any feedback as to whether it is of interest.

TheRealNews Issue.31 by REIA (pdf)

I hope you are starting to use the information, things are hotting up a bit in property right now.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This week's InsideStory : So what is going on right now, right here in Adelaide?

Conflicting property media reports always bring quite a reaction. Over the past two weeks I have been asked a lot of questions. So what is going on right now, right here in Adelaide? It’s simple, demand for “market priced” property is very strong.

Toop&Toop have had the biggest July sales in our 24 year history. Given sales volumes are of less interest to property owners than price, what has happened to prices? Prices seem to be holding well across the entire market. While the sub $600k bracket has been in full boom, we have seen some “green shoots” (to adopt the trendy lingo), in the top end.

Let’s take a quick history lesson!! Demand for property over $600k from September 08 until the second week of December 08 was shocking. High volumes of property flooded the market during a period when confidence was in free fall due to the effects of the GFC. Buyer numbers didn’t drop, however their behaviour did. Those buyers who remained active were essentially out for bargains. This situation happened so quickly no one was prepared for it. The interesting twist was Adelaide sellers generally did not capitulate to the downward buyer pressure on prices. Minor adjustments made by sellers in their sale expectations combined with a reduction of stock levels and a rapid fall in interest rates all converged and resulted in the return to a balanced market by the 2nd week in December. It was quite a rollercoaster for all but the first home bracket which was the sweet spot in the market.

December 15th 08, things turned. Properties started to move, stock returned to manageable levels and sellers had made adjustments to meet the new conditions. Buyers also conceded they wouldn’t get that massive bargain, it simply wasn’t there, so they got on with purchasing. Buyers playing hard ball began missing out. By March the middle to top end started to really get moving.

Now in August 09, fixed interest rates are trending upward while variables remain at 49 year lows, but the Banks have gone conservative, making it tougher to borrow and taking weeks to approve loans that would have taken days last year.

Good property is in strong demand. We are seeing some amazing results mixed with some ordinary results. Having been in the business for 30+ years, this is what we would have considered normal, in normal times. Good with the bad. Some wins, some losses... right now the market seems balanced. This is a market where Sellers need to invest in the best marketing, best negotiating, best auctioneers, best trained staff... or you may get hurt in the sales process.

Good luck to all the spring sellers... investors, time to re-enter the game. We need more rental properties!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Thursday, August 06, 2009

This week's InsideStory

July proved to be another strong month for the property market!

While price sensitivity remains a trigger point for buyers, our team on the frontline are seeing realistically priced homes on the market just a matter of days before being snapped up.

Good news for vendors in the ‘Prestige’ area of the market! Over the past few years these properties have certainly been affected by global and market forces. Here are some facts I was sent just this week courtesy of Neil Bray, Executive Director, Land Services Division.

Number of Sales in SA over $1million

2006/07: 343
2007/08: 514
2008/09: 420

Thanks to the first 6 months of 2009 we fared so much better than the outlook appeared in December. I believe that if we broke these figures down further you’d see we’ve been playing ‘catch up’ since January Ð but I’m certainly not complaining nor, I’m sure, are sellers.

On the frontline it also appears we’re seeing some steadily emerging optimism amongst prestige buyers. The proof? Last month Toop&Toop sold 10 properties over the $1million mark. Now that’s a good result for the top end!

In regards to another report we placed online earlier this week from RP Data, figures from the June quarter are out showing the market is performing well nation wide. Median property prices are up across the capital cities with Adelaide recording a growth of 0.4%, Darwin recorded the biggest rise at 3.9%, closely followed by Melbourne 3.7% and Canberra 3.3%.

While everyone’s talked about a decline in property prices over the past 18 months, which we’ve all felt, here’s the big picture of how Adelaide’s market played out against the National prices.

The upside is last quarter began to change the trend for Adelaide with a positive growth. What now? Well I’m starting to feel that Spring ’09 may fare ok for house salesÉ but only time will tell.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Core Graphs - August 09, RPData

InsideStory brings you some extremely good information and for those of you who love to follow the market, you will love this report.

Core Graphs - August 09, RPData (3.35MB)

Thanks to the team at RP Data, these graphs provide an instant snap shot as to how property is tracking.

Enjoy the read

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Friday, July 31, 2009

Auctions back on the radar - RPData Property Pulse

Hi InsideStory followers,

This report shows that nationally stock levels are significantly down and the market is showing great signs of recovering. The acid test I believe will be October and November when the market is put under a stress test with the traditional flood of spring stock.

I must say I have been very concerned about spring off the back of last year’s shock collapse BUT, well….you would have to say that all is looking pretty good right now.

View The report (PDF)

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rismark Home Value Index July 30 2009 - RP Data

Here is the latest report from RP Data, and wow, looking very promising for property owners.

Click here to view(PDF)

The fact Adelaide has had the smallest rise of just 0.6% is OK since we didn’t get the falls and we need the other States to return to historical pricing parity if we are to hope to retain the mantle as the safe haven in property. Call Adelaide boring or call us stable, it is great to remain the most affordable and consistently performing in property of all the mainland States. History continues to show us the way, Adelaide just doesn’t get those wild highs and deep lows.

Weakest performing capital city: Adelaide, with home values up

0.6% over the first half of 2009

Enjoy this report, posted today, 30th July 2009

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

The road starts here, it never ends!

This Harley Davidson quote was the inspiration for our Black&Chrome Fundraising evening held for Variety SA, the Children’s Charity, last Friday night. We believe that sustainability within a company is about contributing back to the community that provides you with your business.
We had a goal this year to raise $50,000 (at a stretch) for the Variety V2Classic which I currently Chair. Thanks to so many of you, our friends and clients, as with YOUR generosity we managed together to raise over $100,000 for our sick kids at this special event.

I feel honoured to be involved with a community with such big hearts.

Thank you!!! To all the many generous individuals and companies who supported this evening I will endeavour to get back to you all with the exact tally once all the monies are collected. Thank you so much.

Now to Real Estate!

Our latest rental vacancy rates are showing availability tightening in the outer belts, with vacancy rates increasing in the inner areas as you head towards the CBD. Over the past few weeks our leasing team have seen a rise in student interest, especially international students, with demand in the city beginning to return. At Newport Quays activity has also increased with vacancy rates dropping from 12% to 4.4% over the past few months... good news for investors! Here are the rest of our latest rates across the rental market Coast 2.6%; Western Suburbs 2.1%; City & inner suburbs 2%; East 1.2% and Hills 2.5%.

The real show stopper is in the North & North East where demand for rentals is outstripping supply and vacancy rates are currently sitting at 0%. If you’re thinking of investing this is certainly a hot spot worth considering!

The frontline in sales is holding strong - terrific news. Realistically priced, quality properties are continuing to be snapped up regardless of whether they are sitting in the lower, middle or top end of the market. If the price is right the buyers are there and the weather isn’t holding them back. First home owners are continuing to buy homes up to around the $500,000 mark but this demand will taper off come 1 October, due to the federal grant roll back. We still don’t know what Spring will bring, but right now demand is good and properties with prices aligned to the market are selling well... so let’s make the most of it.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Friday, July 24, 2009

The tide turns for investors: PropertyPusle by RPDATA

This weeks report from RPData

The tide turns for investors(PDF)

Interesting Article by Cameron Kusher senior research analyst with rpdata: Price drops? Not in our neighbourhood.

Click here

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Thursday, July 23, 2009

CommSec Report- Reserve Bank Board: Reluctant rate cutters

CommSec Report- Reserve Bank Board: Reluctant rate cutters

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Property cheat fines; national crackdown.

Headlines this week; a timely reminder to Sellers & Real Estate Agents alike “Property cheat fines”. Caroline James in last week’s Sunday Mail reported on fines of up to $220,000 for sellers in a National crack down on the practice of underquoting when selling property. It has become known as “bait advertising”& is a deceptive practice.

The Interstate papers have been reporting almost daily on agents underquoting. The pressure has reached such a fever pitch that there is about to be a National approach to this problem. Here in SA it was almost stamped out through tough State legislation last July but we are starting to see it reappear, so the timing of this legislation is just perfect as far as I am concerned.

I agree absolutely that there MUST be a total blanket ban on the practice. Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) boss Graham Samuel is taking a stand stating “vendor cheats would be relentlessly pursued” under the revised rules proposed to take effect on the 1st January 2010. The article went on to say the changes include fines of up to $1.1 million for Agents. Now that’s getting serious!

So why all the fuss? To would be buyers the answer is clear. They are conned into thinking they have a real chance of making a purchase based on a quoted price, then do all the expensive preparatory work (and get emotionally hooked) only to discover that they never had a chance of being successful & the seller wouldn’t have ever accepted the price that was quoted Ð the price simply used to ‘bait’ their interest.

“What needs to be understood is that bait advertising is not about getting way over the expected/quoted price, nor about getting well above the reserve price at an auction. It is about quoting a price that baits a buyer - a price that the owner would never sell their home for.”

It’s not about making a genuine sale but about deliberately misleading behaviour. Real Estate Agents who do the right thing are gravely disadvantaged when their competitor breaks the law by continuing to underquote. This is why it is critical the rules are clear and complied withÉwithout exception! Having MOST real estate agents (and Sellers) comply while some do not leaves us with the worst possible scenario. The buyer becomes more vulnerable, and the practice becomes more effective for the rouge seller & agent. The level of attention from State & National legislators is welcome from where I sit. Let’s once and for all kill off bait advertising, stone dead.

There are other legal changes on the way too. In a bizarre approach by the bureaucrats, there’s a change to real estate legal documents on the 1st August, then ANOTHER change a month later on the same forms (Form 1). There are no transition provisions on the first set of changes which from a practical operational level is just ridiculous & bizarre. I have been in the business for 30 years and I can’t work out how on earth many of the changes are to be interpreted, (nor can our legal council) so GOOD LUCK to buyers. Solicitors will have a ball unravelling it all. Why not make life simpler, chop down less trees and get back to basics!! If you know any Pollies ask them to take control of this, it shouldn’t be this hard.

Before we sign off, Fantastic week of sales, things are looking extremely optimistic right now, BUT remaining concerned about the flood of spring property, so please act early! Ring us and get your sale underway NOW!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This week's inside story: International Buyers

Are our closest Asian neighbours really buying up Adelaide homes? Where are the new property sellers ‘rivers of gold’ in real estate? International Buyers, the InsideStory. For years now the real estate Spin Doctors have been working overtime to connect their organisations with International Buyers. Franchise operators led the charge, then boutique agencies jumped on the band wagon. Greed plus desire to tap into the miraculous plane loads of buyers picking up overpriced, local properties was presented in a believable way & supported by anecdotal evidence. This created what appeared to be an exciting new market for sellers. The question I ask is how much truth & how much fi ction is being told on what & why our international counterparts are today choosing to buy in Adelaide? Last year we were appointed to a marketing syndicate with a National agency who specialise in selling through their Asia connections. I was excited to see the inside workings of how these guys operated. They spoke of national seminars plus an amazing international property network. The pitch was of long standing, established sales channels throughout Australia & Asia for residential properties & student accommodation. So did this translate into sales? No, not one! Just a massive marketing bill. Once again this week I heard of the ‘Asia connections’. Do you have any idea how many people are trying to fl og this? Thousands. I think I am not bad at picking where the markets are so I spent 2 hours Googling the subject, there are literally thousands of companies competing for Asian property buyers. So perhaps the online property enquiry stats provide some reality. The UK easily hold #1 spot followed (in order of traffi c) by USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Canada, NZ, United Arab Emirates & Germany. So what is my conclusion? There is no silver bullet, just an amazing level of Spin Doctor going on. Toop&Toop are on the right track. We continue to dominate online marketing capabilities, focus on leveraging international enquiry while building local relationships with international connections. As *South Australia’s #1 Residential Property Management Agency we maintain a high level of awareness & trust with our international landlords. We continue to build our quality brand & search for the next opportunity for our clients. If anyone has any differing views or success stories we want to hear from you. As *Australia’s most Innovative Real Estate Agency we guarantee one thing… if there are genuine ways of uncovering new sources of buyers to help our clients, Toop&Toop will be the fi rst to embrace them.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Australian home values rise by 4 per cent in 2009, virtually wiping out 2008 losses - RPData

Released on Tuesday the 30th June, this press release will bring a smile to the faces of all property owners.

Click here to view the report

What the report shows is that all the hype and positive talk around property has been justified and the doomsday prophets so far have been wrong. Let's hope we are still saying this after spring, which is the defining time for residential property.

Low stock levels of property, lower than expected job losses

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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