Friday, February 27, 2009

Incredibly Interesting Reading

The attached RP Data press release was received by me only a matter of an hour or so ago. It is incredibly interesting reading and I recommend you take a few moments to have a look at it.

I hope to see you all out on the open trails soon,

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time to Rent

Time to Rent The times we live in remain very interesting but our Property Management department have experienced a welcome active start to 2009.
Over the past few weeks we’ve been bringing you updates on the sale market through this magazine and Saturday’s Advertiser, and right now we’re seeing investors actively re-entering the scene. Reasonable property prices, low interest rates and high rents are all combining together to make property investment more appealing to both large and small investors.
The smart investors purchasing at the right price in good locations are already experiencing positive cash flow. Most of the talk these days is about the first time home buyer market and its boom like conditions, in some lower price segments, fuelled by Government initiatives and low interest rates. However, we are experiencing an unexpected up-lift in the higher end of the market.
Out in the Property Management arena our Leasing Managers are reporting that tenants are out in full force and rental properties are in high demand.
Throughout the city and inner suburbs residences under $400 per week are receiving strong interest with the $250-$350 per week bracket being in huge demand. These properties are attracting an average of 8 applications following the first viewing, with some open inspections being attended by up to 50 prospective tenants. In the North East 3 to 5 tenants are applying for properties within a similar price bracket. Across the Adelaide coast young singles, couples and students are seeking homes and properties in the executive $500-$600 per week bracket are renting well.
Toop&Toop property management remains committed to developing and improving the service we offer our landlords. Their valuable feedback has helped us scope the first part of our property management innovation program.
During the next few months we will be installing the infrastructure for our new Virtual Management system. Working in harmony with VirtualAgent® this latest innovation will give us increased ability to communicate more regularly, improve control of maintenance and capacity to expand our service over the next few years.
If you would like to know more about the Property Management services we provide to our landlords, call our office today on 8362 8888.

Ian Darbyshire, CEO <>
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Friday, February 20, 2009

'Green' Approach to the global financial melt down

'Green' Approach to the global financial melt down As South Australia’s largest home grown Real Estate agency, we are injecting big doses of local talent and youth to create sustainable energy in our business.
While other companies are concerned about power, water & saving the forests, Toop&Toop is taking ‘going green in business’ to the next level. We’re caring for our environment, caring for our own youth and in doing so engaging in a sustainable fresh, green human resource – The Real Estate professionals of the future.
In our 24th year of business, we’re reaching out to Generation Y and have begun recruiting the hardest hit area of the employment market, those aged 18 - 23 years. With 2 daughters, Genevieve (22) and Suzannah (20) Sylvia and I understand the plight of our young South Australian’s.
We launched the ToopAcademy for Real Estate Trainees in the boom market of 2007 and it continues today in full force. With detailed internal training programs in place to support traineeships and the professional development of all the Toop&Toop teams, these young guns will be learning from the best in the industry in Australia.
During a time when these types of programs are being scrapped in all sorts of industries, we have made the bold decision to step up the program based on community values and a belief in the future of our next generation. In the short term this will be tough but we believe the community will support us, and in turn their own sons and daughters, to keep our State strong. We believe in 'growing our own people' and this traineeship is a great way to do this. We believe in loyalty to our community and expect they in turn will show loyalty to us.
This month saw 2 brand new trainees, Tom Hector & Henry Gower, commence at the ToopAcademy. With Daniel Walsh also joining us in late 2008, we’ve now coached and developed a total of 9 trainees since 2007 with fantastic outcomes. Our inaugural trainee, Nicholas Alvaro, completed his traineeship, went on to win our Rising Star Award in 2008 and continues as a dynamic member of the Toop team.
Throughout the year these star young South Australians will be working and learning all aspects of the residential real estate industry. We’re converting the ‘green’ energy of our youth, into dynamic world best practitioners to fight the Global Financial Melt Down.
So if you see them out and about say hello and support them, as we do at Toop&Toop.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Finding a positive amidst the media 'doom & gloom'

Finding a positive amidst the media 'doom & gloom' How long has it been since you turned on the evening news, opened the daily paper or flicked on the radio to be met with a positive news story on Real Estate? If you’re like me, you probably can’t remember. 2008 was a year of uncertainty across the entire globe including the property market – and the negative media just keeps on coming.

Over the weeks we’ve been bringing you the latest property news from the front line, through the Saturday paper, our property magazine and Now we’re here to tell you it’s not all doom & gloom out there! At Toop&Toop we know that every cloud has a silver lining, so here are some positives for sellers, buyers and renters alike.

At the beginning of the New Year everyone was anticipating a huge wave of properties to come onto the market, softening the market further and pushing property prices lower through an increased choice for buyers. The good news for sellers is that this hasn’t occurred. What we’re seeing are fewer properties on the market and a positive impact with house prices firming up. If you’ve been holding off selling but need to – now is the time.

What can we say… STOP waiting for property prices to drop further!! Unlike the rest of the nation, South Australian real estate is holding
ground. We’re seeing this through the firming up of sale prices, and with interest rates continuing to drop plus the increase in first home owners grant for many – you couldn’t get a better time to buy property. Don’t end up being the person at the next backyard barbeque who says “we should have bought that property we saw 3 months ago” – by then it will be too late.

Is it time you thought about getting out of the rental cycle and breaking into the property market? Compare the rent you’re paying to what your loan repayments would be on a property of similar calibre. You may find that it makes financial sense to get your foot in the door of the real estate market.

Remember if you have any queries on the property market, just go to and ask away!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Time to upsize?

Time to upsize? Could it get any hotter? The heat wave we’ve been experiencing for the last few weeks has certainly been putting pressure on air conditioners across the state, not to mention our gardens and lifestyles in general.

We’ve come out of the festive season and school holidays experiencing reasonably mild weather for this time of year. Now everyone’s back at work, the kids are at school and as the temperature soars outside it’s a great opportunity to grab a cold drink, kick back under the cool air conditioner and contemplate the age old question of all households… ‘Is it time we moved?’.

Over the holiday’s you may have noticed that really, there isn’t quite enough room in the backyard for a game of cricket, an extra living room would be fantastic and during this past heat wave… that a sparkling in-ground pool is a necessity! These thoughts mean it’s time to upsize your home.
The current economic climate provides an ideal space to upsize. While people may be hesitant to sell, buying and selling in the same market means at the end of the day you’ll come out on top.

On top of this money is becoming more affordable! This week the Reserve Bank passed down yet another interest rate cut of 1%, bringing the interest level to 3.25% - its lowest point in 40 years!

With this news in hand, jump onto to search for your new home and to take the ease out of house hunting register your property requirements at to receive details on properties before they hit the market.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>

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