Friday, February 20, 2009

'Green' Approach to the global financial melt down

'Green' Approach to the global financial melt down As South Australia’s largest home grown Real Estate agency, we are injecting big doses of local talent and youth to create sustainable energy in our business.
While other companies are concerned about power, water & saving the forests, Toop&Toop is taking ‘going green in business’ to the next level. We’re caring for our environment, caring for our own youth and in doing so engaging in a sustainable fresh, green human resource – The Real Estate professionals of the future.
In our 24th year of business, we’re reaching out to Generation Y and have begun recruiting the hardest hit area of the employment market, those aged 18 - 23 years. With 2 daughters, Genevieve (22) and Suzannah (20) Sylvia and I understand the plight of our young South Australian’s.
We launched the ToopAcademy for Real Estate Trainees in the boom market of 2007 and it continues today in full force. With detailed internal training programs in place to support traineeships and the professional development of all the Toop&Toop teams, these young guns will be learning from the best in the industry in Australia.
During a time when these types of programs are being scrapped in all sorts of industries, we have made the bold decision to step up the program based on community values and a belief in the future of our next generation. In the short term this will be tough but we believe the community will support us, and in turn their own sons and daughters, to keep our State strong. We believe in 'growing our own people' and this traineeship is a great way to do this. We believe in loyalty to our community and expect they in turn will show loyalty to us.
This month saw 2 brand new trainees, Tom Hector & Henry Gower, commence at the ToopAcademy. With Daniel Walsh also joining us in late 2008, we’ve now coached and developed a total of 9 trainees since 2007 with fantastic outcomes. Our inaugural trainee, Nicholas Alvaro, completed his traineeship, went on to win our Rising Star Award in 2008 and continues as a dynamic member of the Toop team.
Throughout the year these star young South Australians will be working and learning all aspects of the residential real estate industry. We’re converting the ‘green’ energy of our youth, into dynamic world best practitioners to fight the Global Financial Melt Down.
So if you see them out and about say hello and support them, as we do at Toop&Toop.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director <>
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