Thursday, February 05, 2009

Time to upsize?

Time to upsize? Could it get any hotter? The heat wave we’ve been experiencing for the last few weeks has certainly been putting pressure on air conditioners across the state, not to mention our gardens and lifestyles in general.

We’ve come out of the festive season and school holidays experiencing reasonably mild weather for this time of year. Now everyone’s back at work, the kids are at school and as the temperature soars outside it’s a great opportunity to grab a cold drink, kick back under the cool air conditioner and contemplate the age old question of all households… ‘Is it time we moved?’.

Over the holiday’s you may have noticed that really, there isn’t quite enough room in the backyard for a game of cricket, an extra living room would be fantastic and during this past heat wave… that a sparkling in-ground pool is a necessity! These thoughts mean it’s time to upsize your home.
The current economic climate provides an ideal space to upsize. While people may be hesitant to sell, buying and selling in the same market means at the end of the day you’ll come out on top.

On top of this money is becoming more affordable! This week the Reserve Bank passed down yet another interest rate cut of 1%, bringing the interest level to 3.25% - its lowest point in 40 years!

With this news in hand, jump onto to search for your new home and to take the ease out of house hunting register your property requirements at to receive details on properties before they hit the market.

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