Friday, March 27, 2009

Adelaide’s Mad March

Adelaide’s Mad March is nearly behind us and what a month it has been, both in and out of Real Estate.
Most of you following the market would have read in last Saturday’s Advertiser of our ‘Leabrook Estate’ sale seeing 10 registered bidders in a marathon auction culminating with a sold under the hammer at $3,305,000 and setting the benchmark for top end sales, not seen for a long time. Note: If you have a top end property, we need to hear from you as there are plenty of buyers active at the moment.
My view is that Adelaide people basically are getting tired of all the negative news and want to get on with their lives. It seems sensible to hold back on any big decisions for a while but ultimately we are not getting any younger and life will pass us by if we are not careful. The sun still rises in the east, and sets in the west... and your home is so important in providing a sanctuary for family and friends, particularly in times of change.
A report released here in Adelaide this week by CLEMENGER BBDO is a fantastic and worthwhile read. It is 10 pages of fascinating Adelaide research on “The financial crash and the rise of the family.” To me this document simply puts into print what Adelaidian’s intuitively know, it reinforces the way we are feeling and outlines the implications these feelings have on the way we do business with each other.
I have contacted my good friend Kim Boehm MD of CLEMENGER BBDO who has made the report available to our readers so click on

The Financial Crash and the Rise of the Family (PDF)

and treat yourself to this read.

Any real estate questions?

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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