Friday, April 24, 2009

Interest Rates/Economic Outlook/Rates Strategy Update

Here is the ANZ’s latest report. Don’t read this unless you like bad news. Not a great read but we have to be balanced and post all the relevant information, you can decide for yourself then.

ANZ Economic Outlook June Quarter (PDF)

Rates Strategy Update (PDF)

This is pretty heavy reading, so it is up to you!

Kind Regards

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Anonymous said...

gee lets condition your vendors a bit more you sell more you know anthony its a numbers game

Anthony Toop said...

Yes it is a numbers game. At the moment if you don't get the numbers right whether sle or rental then nothing happens, unlike the "good ole days" when everything sold at seemingly any price, although rentals remain pretty strong.

Each week I am publishing reports that Toop&Toop are sent, hopefully they are of interest to some readers?

Appreciate you taking the time to comment.