Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Week's Inside Story

Innovation... Why is it so important to consumers and so prominent in Industry Awards? Why is Innovation so important to the culture of Toop&Toop?

After Toop&Toop yet again took out the National Innovation Award for Excellence (4 times back to back) and confirmed that we are unquestionably the Nation’s Most Innovative Agent, it is important to explain why we bother.

Consumers need innovative organisations to drive extraordinary service and better value for money. Industries need innovators to keep them relevant to changing consumer needs. Toop&Toop have built their business on being the best in the business and setting new standards.

Innovations in real estate are the things we can do for our clients that other agents cannot. Innovation is what creates new ways to deliver results that were never before possible for our clients. Innovation gives our team tools to assist in their tasks that are not available to any other employees in this industry.

It used to be such fundamental innovations like designer sign boards, pre-planned open inspection times, and colour newspaper advertisements and weekly magazines-now it is about an entirely new way of bringing buyer and seller together through harnessing new technology. Toop&Toop have sophisticated databases, our VitualAgent patented software (named because it acts virtually as an agent) and a website that has won every industry award... is it a coincidence that we are one of only 2 agents to ever win national Large Agency of the Year and National Salesperson of the Year? Plus we currently hold the National Customer Service Excellence Award. Only the best of the best can ever achieve these accolades - it has to be innovation and doing things different and better that allows new heights to be achieved.

Toop&Toop have invested heavily in operating smarter. If the going does get tough, it is then that our clients will truly see the stand out power of innovation at work with their sales and rentals. I hope our efforts can genuinely help our customers in this changing world of real estate.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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