Thursday, July 30, 2009

The road starts here, it never ends!

This Harley Davidson quote was the inspiration for our Black&Chrome Fundraising evening held for Variety SA, the Children’s Charity, last Friday night. We believe that sustainability within a company is about contributing back to the community that provides you with your business.
We had a goal this year to raise $50,000 (at a stretch) for the Variety V2Classic which I currently Chair. Thanks to so many of you, our friends and clients, as with YOUR generosity we managed together to raise over $100,000 for our sick kids at this special event.

I feel honoured to be involved with a community with such big hearts.

Thank you!!! To all the many generous individuals and companies who supported this evening I will endeavour to get back to you all with the exact tally once all the monies are collected. Thank you so much.

Now to Real Estate!

Our latest rental vacancy rates are showing availability tightening in the outer belts, with vacancy rates increasing in the inner areas as you head towards the CBD. Over the past few weeks our leasing team have seen a rise in student interest, especially international students, with demand in the city beginning to return. At Newport Quays activity has also increased with vacancy rates dropping from 12% to 4.4% over the past few months... good news for investors! Here are the rest of our latest rates across the rental market Coast 2.6%; Western Suburbs 2.1%; City & inner suburbs 2%; East 1.2% and Hills 2.5%.

The real show stopper is in the North & North East where demand for rentals is outstripping supply and vacancy rates are currently sitting at 0%. If you’re thinking of investing this is certainly a hot spot worth considering!

The frontline in sales is holding strong - terrific news. Realistically priced, quality properties are continuing to be snapped up regardless of whether they are sitting in the lower, middle or top end of the market. If the price is right the buyers are there and the weather isn’t holding them back. First home owners are continuing to buy homes up to around the $500,000 mark but this demand will taper off come 1 October, due to the federal grant roll back. We still don’t know what Spring will bring, but right now demand is good and properties with prices aligned to the market are selling well... so let’s make the most of it.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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