Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This week's inside story: International Buyers

Are our closest Asian neighbours really buying up Adelaide homes? Where are the new property sellers ‘rivers of gold’ in real estate? International Buyers, the InsideStory. For years now the real estate Spin Doctors have been working overtime to connect their organisations with International Buyers. Franchise operators led the charge, then boutique agencies jumped on the band wagon. Greed plus desire to tap into the miraculous plane loads of buyers picking up overpriced, local properties was presented in a believable way & supported by anecdotal evidence. This created what appeared to be an exciting new market for sellers. The question I ask is how much truth & how much fi ction is being told on what & why our international counterparts are today choosing to buy in Adelaide? Last year we were appointed to a marketing syndicate with a National agency who specialise in selling through their Asia connections. I was excited to see the inside workings of how these guys operated. They spoke of national seminars plus an amazing international property network. The pitch was of long standing, established sales channels throughout Australia & Asia for residential properties & student accommodation. So did this translate into sales? No, not one! Just a massive marketing bill. Once again this week I heard of the ‘Asia connections’. Do you have any idea how many people are trying to fl og this? Thousands. I think I am not bad at picking where the markets are so I spent 2 hours Googling the subject, there are literally thousands of companies competing for Asian property buyers. So perhaps the online property enquiry stats provide some reality. The UK easily hold #1 spot followed (in order of traffi c) by USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Canada, NZ, United Arab Emirates & Germany. So what is my conclusion? There is no silver bullet, just an amazing level of Spin Doctor going on. Toop&Toop are on the right track. We continue to dominate online marketing capabilities, focus on leveraging international enquiry while building local relationships with international connections. As *South Australia’s #1 Residential Property Management Agency we maintain a high level of awareness & trust with our international landlords. We continue to build our quality brand & search for the next opportunity for our clients. If anyone has any differing views or success stories we want to hear from you. As *Australia’s most Innovative Real Estate Agency we guarantee one thing… if there are genuine ways of uncovering new sources of buyers to help our clients, Toop&Toop will be the fi rst to embrace them.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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