Friday, July 24, 2009

The tide turns for investors: PropertyPusle by RPDATA

This weeks report from RPData

The tide turns for investors(PDF)

Interesting Article by Cameron Kusher senior research analyst with rpdata: Price drops? Not in our neighbourhood.

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Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Anonymous said...

why dont you talk about a big week in sales activity , supply demand changes, economic positive data ect ect ,the market wants positive news not a negative future , how sure are you, you have been wrong for a year now now you are predicting a 10 percent drop in spring you are really annoying me and a lot of well healed property owners GET POSITIVE

Anthony Toop said...

GET POSITIVE, well there is definitely a lot to be positive about at the moment, so to Anonymous, appreciate your take on things.

In regards to moving forward and with InsideStory, frankly my intention is to provide an Insiders view on the market, and I do not expect to be right all the time. My view is based on what I see in the front lines and not just what we read in the papers. Good, Bad, Indifferent….just what we observe from the feedback we can get from running 7 offices and the largest independent real estate agency in this State, along with my personal take on things…. at any particular time.

Hopefully we will stimulate debate, and I although I appreciate your view to the contrary, over the period we have been providing the InsideStory, we have been pretty much on the money.

The big test as to our Adelaide market will be October and November 09, and that is due to seasonal factors (flood on stock onto the market) and the simultaneous winding back of the First Home Owners Boost, if we get through that OK, it will be a relief and a sure sign we have turned the corner. Unemployment and interest rates remain the wild cards as well, and I think a considered approach to reporting is more responsible than being a self serving real estate spin Doctor, where over time, our reports would simply be seen as totally credibility.

So, I am happy to stand by the InsideStory content, and will always attempt to be real and balanced. I am happy to post considered feedback/debate for all to read.

I believe passionately in property and in our property market in South Australia to the point that I am a true South Australian with pretty much all of our investments in this State. I passionately believe property in South Australia will not only survive but thrive, irrespective of any commentary, good or bad.

Just as a reminder, industry statistics run up to 6 months behind the market….InsideStory attempts to provide information on the week that has just gone and therefore provides a valuable weekly pulse!

The InsideStory will continue to have its own view on the property world. InsideStory is intentionally both a macro and micro view on real estate and through the eyes of hands on weekly practitioner; we do want more considered interaction so keep it coming.

Thanks again for the feedback, and feel free to call me any time to discuss in more detail.