Friday, August 28, 2009

Adelaide: 1 of only 3 capital cities to be in +ve territory, RPData

The latest report on Australia’s property market shows some interesting trends on the rental front.

You will note that Adelaide was one of only 3 capital cities to be in positive territory, but it has softened from the zero vacancy rates of 6 months ago.

The new “Market Activity Index” is going to be a great forecast tool and there are details of that in this weeks report.

Market Activity Index launched:

Enjoy the read and do not forget to get your iPhone out and have a play with Toop&Toop’s new technology. Try it by going to Safari Browser on the iPhone, enter and then book mark it by touching the little + on the bottom of the screen... and away you go. The more you play, the more you will discover!

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Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Patrick said...

Hi there,

It's a great tool but it would be nice to search an area like 'Eastern' in addition to single suburbs. Or perhaps let the user create a group of suburbs and allow that to be a saved search.

I also think there would be better user experience if this was a proper iphone app rather than web app. The delay when typing in a suburb name is irritating and takes time to adjust to.

Finally, an option to show houses for sale around your current location based on the phone's GPS would be handy for when you're out and about looking for homes.

Thanks and regards

Nathaniel Wolff, IT Development said...

Hi Patrick

Some fantastic feedback.. thank you we do love to hear it !

Yes there is no doubt that ToopPA would be perfect as a "native iPhone application". The development team are working on it as we speak and are currently progressing well on that front.

However, we were extremely keen to release the concept of ToopPA nice and early - we were able to do it quicker as a "web app". Stay tuned though, an iPhone App is just around the corner!

In regards to the typing and native gps integration, they are things that can technically only be implemented with an native iPhone App, we will be sure to implement these suggestions, along with even more exciting functionality.

For now, hopefully the web app is of some benefit to you and other VIP Buyers while your 'out and about', away from your PC.

Thanks again for the wonderful feedback Patrick, we thrive on it!