Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This week's InsideStory

InsideStory is a hard sell this week, sorry!

Toop&Toop, an icon 100% South Australian family business ask for your support. As one of the very few remaining 100% South Australian Born, Bred, Owned & Operated real estate Brands, we need your referrals, your houses to sell & rent. In return we will be able to increasingly invest in our community, including programs such as our Toop Academy, helping to keep our kids in S.A.

Sellers, spring 09 has begun early & we need your properties right now. Success for a real estate agent is about having the houses to sell (& rent). While having the buyer is critical, it is the seller with their listings that drive the business. For buyers we developed VirtualAgent, a patented multi award winning selling system to help buyers find that perfect property... BUT you have to register with us! Toop&Toop is the most innovative real estate agency in Australia, with arguably the greatest selling horsepower of any real estate group in the Country. We have 10,000 managed active buyers from around the globe. Toop&Toop’s vision is to be a REMARKABLE ORGANISATION... from our sales success to our involvement in the Community.

A market research paper a few years ago summed it up...“it really is a matter of Toop&Toop & the rest”.

International & interstate brands have gobbled up personalities & identities of old. Real estate is becoming bland & process driven. Call it progress or call it BIG MULTINATIONAL BUSINESS, passion has turned to profit as the characters also disappear. Supermarket real estate agencies have a major place in real estate but companies like Toop&Toop ensure customers get a choice.

Have confidence in Toop&Toop’s 24 year history of excellence. We have grown to be the largest independent real estate agent in the State & one of the largest in the Nation. This is a 100% family business. We have the Networks, the resources & horse power to access Global & National markets & have an amazing profile Nationally thanks to the success we have shown the Industry on the National Stage. Toop&Toop are the ONLY REISA HALL OF FAME inductees, the ONLY real estate Family Business Association of Australia HALL OF FAME inductees, & only one of two real estate agents to ever win the Australian Real Estate Institute REIA Agency of the Year Awards of Excellence. ( log on to ).

Toop&Toop understand we are not prefect however we lead the country. Thanks to our technology break throughs, & contrary to what competitors may have you believe, when it comes to real estate it COSTS NO MORE TO HAVE THE BEST.

Buyers, be sure you register your requirements with Toop&Toop (log onto Our 7 offices work as one, so we can email, SMS or call you with any new properties that come onto the market, often just hours after it happens. Once registered, we will treat you as our VIP.

Support your own home grown 100% South Australian businesses as we support you, call our team to sell or rent your property.

The hard sell is over, & next week it is back to the InsideStory.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

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